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Hrabovská Valley is a once-famous place of recreation for the inhabitants of Ruzomberok and its surroundings. Visitors to the valley come for recreation, sports, fun and adrenaline. The Hrabovská Valley has become famous even beyond the borders of Slovakia by constructing the cabin lift and subsequently the ski resort. In summer the Hrabovská Valley is full of activities and fun in nature for all.


8-seat cabin lift, length 1770m, elevation 415m, peak 960
Opening hours: 8:30 – 16:30 at half-hourly intervals


Tarzania is a rope park built of different rope obstacles that are suspended in height, either on trees or on artificially built pillars. You can try Tarzania both in summer and winter. It is intended for all those who want to take the proper dose of adrenaline, a mild dose of physical effort and especially a perfect experience. TARZANIA Hrabovo is located near the lift station of Malinô Brdo, a short distance from the center of Ružomberok and its total length of 1110 m is the largest rope park in Slovakia. There are black, red, blue and children’s trails on site.


ZIPLINE – Its 300m long is the longest in Slovakia. You will experience a good dose of adrenaline and entertainment.


ts 300m long is the longest in Slovakia. You will experience a good dose of adrenaline and the surrounding hills provide ideal mountain bikers for cycling of different levels. On the lower Liptov there are almost 500 km of marked cycling trails, 12 biking trails are located directly around Ružomberok. The favorite cycle route is the connection between Hrabovská and Čutkovská dolina.
Bike rental


With this new sporting fun, you walk down the water in a large, inflated gulli-aquazorbe. Its diameter is two meters, and it only depends on your movements where it will be heading. Although you need to practice walking around the water, you can quickly find the system how to handle it and enjoy it.


The oxygen route is built for the possibility of sporting and improving the condition of all ages – visitors of Hrabov. The track measures 1.3 kilometers and consists of six positions with different wooden exercise elements – obstacles that can be trained for individual parts of the body. Reinforced rebars, beams, bridles, a bench for the strengthening of abdominal muscles and jumping barriers are installed. For every obstacle, a visitor will find a description of the right exercise.


Boat rental under the supervision of an instructor is in operation from July to the end of August. Rowing on the boats will make you feel romantic and have a true waterfront atmosphere. During rowing, you can observe trout and carp from the boat, which occur in the lake in abundant numbers. Directly before the Hrabovo Apartments you can boat in prepared new rowing boats for four people.
Contact: Tel.: +421 903 130 223, +421 44 486 03 53  E-mail: recepcia@apartmanyhrabovo.com

An ideal family walk around the water reservoir. Information panels are located on individual sites, pointing to the surrounding fauna and flora.



The reservoir is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Hrabovská dolina with an area of 1.8 hectares and a depth of 7 – 10 m. The reservoir is an ideal place for a family fisherman. The reservoir has trout, rainbow trout, reed, whitish, carp pond.
District: Hrabovský potok 3-1000-4-3 Salmon-PCHRO Hrabovský stream from the mouth to the river Váh in Ruzomberok to the body of the water reservoir Hrabovo.
Price list of fishing permits in Liptov: Visitor card – Slovak citizen 7 € / day, guest book – Alien 16,60 € / dayrabovo.

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