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Educational trip – Bear way

Overlookint Hrabovska Valley, Bear Trail is easy and accessible enough for children or elders. The Trail offers information about the life of brown bear living in the area. The Trail also introduces fauna and flora of the whole valley. Seven information boards alongside this easy hiking trail reveal basic information about the life and habits of the brown bear. In addition to the information panels, a visitor may also view photo walls presenting the bear´s den or bear´s “bathroom”. The Trail starts in Hrabovská Valley down at the dam and ends just below the Mt Sidorovo at the Mini Farm. For more serious hikers, the Bear Trail joins other trails which are numerous in this area. The family trip does not have to end up at the  village Vlkolinec (UNESCO site), or to a breathtaking vista such as Malinne Brdo, you will be able to appreciate the distinct and unique beauty of this area. If hiking is too boring, why not get a kick out of our biking trails. Exprerience different difficulty levels – from moderate to advanced. If downhill is an issue, get a scooter and as you swoop down the road let your lungs fill up with spruce fragrance. Do you like a bird perspective? Our cable way offers spectacular views on the whole valley. Is it too hot? Why not try one of our water sports? Do you have an adventure gene? Brace yourself for an adrenaline sport.

The legend about Ruzomberok´s Bear

Only few know that the granddaughter of Empress “Sissi”, Countess Elisabeth (with the name after her grandmother), lived her husband Otto von Siegfried in Ruzomberok´s chateau at the beginning of the last century. The husband had rented huntin grounds around Ruzomberok and in 1908 shot a bear. he hunter´s assistants skinned the beast and the pelt was used for a rug in front of a fireplace. The carcass was thrown into the river Váh. The rafters found the carcass and the doctor was called for an inspection. He suggested that the carcass was the body of a murdered man. When the truth was later revealed, the legend had already spread and inhabitants of Ruzomberok has since been known ar “bearpeople”.


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