Around Liptov by e-bike

Welcome to Liptov, the region with an extensive network of more than 850 km of marked bike trails and No.1 in the development of electric cycling in Slovakia. We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure and doing maximum to ensure the highest quality and comfort during your active stay. That’s why we are expanding our own network of public charging stations for electric bicycles, where you can charge them for free. If you do not have your own e-bike, you can rent it at a discount in one of our partner rental shops. Enjoy wonderful views of the Liptov basin from the saddle of a bicycle. We are looking forward to your visit.

A region with the most modern and extensive e-bike infrastructure in Slovakia

  • More than 850 km of marked cycling routes
  • Modern charging stations throughout the region
  • Wide range of e-bike rentals across the region
  • Certified accommodation facilities “Cyclists, welcome!”
  • Annual expansion of charging points

In recent years, we have been working on improving the quality of our large network of signed bike trails and building an e-bike region. During 2020-2023, we built 19 new e-bike charging stations that riders can use to charge their e-bikes. Besides the most common e-bike chargers (Yamaha, Shimano, Bosch, Bafang and Specialized), there also is an air compressor for inflating the wheels and a toolpoint with basic service tools a cyclist can use for bike repairs. The e-bike charging stands are located across the whole region, mostly in the vicinity of dining establishments where cyclists can have a rest, refresh themselves and regain their energy.

The ePOWERpoint charging station contains:

  • 1x Shimano Steps 4A charging connector
  • 1x Bosch Standard 4A charging connector
  • 1x Yamaha Standard 4A charging connector
  • 1x Yamaha Integrated 4A charging connector (selected)
  • 1x Bafang/Panasonic DC2.1 3A charging connector
  • 1x Brose/Specialized Turbo A4 charging connector (selected)
  • 2x socket for your own charger
  • bicycle stand for locking your bike
  • air compressor
  • basic service tools

Where to find an e-bike charger

Where to rent an e-bike

If you do not have your own e-bike, you can rent it at a discount in one of our partner rental shops:

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