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Gypsy devils in Maladinove

On April 30, you will see the legendary Gypsy Devils on stage, Pekovci cymbal music and also a special guest, the world virtuoso Giani Lincano. On May 1st, you will witness an attempt to set a Slovak record in mass dulcimer playing, in which fifty dulcimer players will take part.

We are honored to welcome the best gypsy orchestra in the world, the legendary Gypsy Devils, to Maladin on April 30! As part of this event, the dulcimer music of Pekovci will provide us with unforgettable entertainment. The music-filled evening will be rounded off by a special guest, one of the world’s most famous dulcimer players Giani Lincan, who will play together with Ernest Šarközi, one of the best dulcimer players in the world.
After the concert evening on May 1st, an exciting performance by up to fifty dulcimer players awaits you. In the area of the Maladinovo resort, we will try to create a Slovak record in mass playing the dulcimer, we will play the song “Darmo ma mamičko”.

During the entire event, you can participate in the raffle for a fantastic prize – a cymbal worth €5,500!


April 30

  • at 18:00 start of the event
  • 18:00 warm-up with dulcimer music Pekovci
  • 19:00 performance of Gypsy Devils
  • 20:30 entertainment with dulcimer music Pekovci

May 1 – Slovak record in mass cymbal playing

  • o 10:00 start of the event
  • up to 50 cymbal players in the Maladinova area
  • raffle with the main prize cymbal stamp Bohák Luxury Superior worth €5,500

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