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Folklore Festival Východná 2022

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The Ring (or Circle; noun) is one of the oldest and most important symbols. It is a reflection of the sun, moon, unity, integrity, protection and regeneration, cyclical movement, … of life. It is the oldest form of dance that guarantees equality, in which everyone has a place. Folk culture has evolved over the centuries as circles on the water: the song, the working process, the fairy tale originated at the site of the “impact of the stone”, they continued to spread, they met other circles, they connected, they disappeared.

The Annual rings are a symbol of this year’s Folklore Festival Východná.

The anniversaries of generations that today, as in the past, carry life and art. The annual rings of the areas that connect, unite, intersect. Rings of creation have evolved artistically over time.Every historical period has brought something new. Modern dance, music, pattern. But every result of creativity stemmed from past experience. It followed it up, and developed it further….but – When the Weapons Rin, the Muses are Silent…In recent years, we have had to learn to face difficult times that seem to have stopped everything that was every day to us. However, we are not the first and we will not be the last.Generations of our ancestors have overcome obstacles for centuries, fought, built, and developed. They formed, building on the foundations of those before them. Thanks to their experience, wisdom, and strength. Like a tree: its bark, through which life flows, is the youngest, but it lives thanks to its strong centre and roots. The stronger they are, the more they can withstand the storm.Take care of the oldest roots, but also of young fragile rods. From them they grow, develop, grow stronger and the trees.

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