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Observation Tower Krajčov Vrch, Nižná Boca

Type: For children, Walking trail
Difficulty: 2 - easy
Route length 1.5 km
Climb: 153 m
Sinking: 33 m
Duration 0.5 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m

Detailed route description:


Nízke Tatry

Starting point

Nižná Boca (autobusová zastávka)

End of route:

Rozhľadňa Krajčov vrch



Nižná Boca – Horská chata s rozhľadňou Krajčov vrch (970 m n.m.)

Detailed route description

A wooden cottage with an observation tower was built in the village of Nižná Boca just recently, in 2014. For its height of 14.5 metres and a unique location in the arms of nature as well as an amazing view of the minig settlement and the valley of Bocká Dolina the observation tower became a popular finish point of tourists. To reach the tower, take the path leading through the village. It is an easy tour taking just a few minutes. At the top of the tower you will get familiar with the history of the village and the photo documentation with the description will provide you with information about the surrounding hills. The cosy mountain cottage providing accommodation as well as a garden house with sheltered fireplace are part of the observation tower.

The cottage can sleep about 10-15 people on mattresses using own sleeping bag in two rooms upstairs. Downstairs you can find a fully-equipped kitchenett, a small stove, a fireplace and a toilet. There is water and electricity in the cottage. The whole cottage can be rented year round but in winter the access to the cottage is much more complicated due to snow.

Availability and parking options

Free parking is available in the village of Nižná Boca. At the starting point of the route there is also a bus stop. The village is reachable by bus from the town of Liptovský Hrádok. During the observation tower opening hours you can also get some refreshments. Food service is not provided in the property.

Options for accommodation and meals

Food and accommodation facilities are available in the villages Nižná Boca and Vyšná Boca as well as in Malužiná.

(Náhľad mapy: hiking.sk)

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