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A Walker step to the wild boar pen area

Difficulty: 1 - very easy
Route length 7 km
Climb: 0 m
Sinking: 0 m
Duration 1.5 h
Lowest point: m
Highest point: m

Detailed route description:


Západné Tatry

Starting point

Smrečany, športový areál TJ Družba

End of route:

Smrečany, športový areál TJ Družba


On the border of the neighbouring villages Smrečany – Žiar, on the left side of the main road, there is a football field with a large parking lot. Here we recommend starting the route and connecting to an easily accessible field road leading beyond the barns of the village Žiar. At the peasant cooperative at the field junction, you continue to the right. The road continues for about one more km along the gardens belonging to the houses and continues through the meadow overlooking the Western Tatras and the dominant peak Baranec.

The meadow path leads to the Wild Boar pen area, which is located among the trees. It is not marked with any sign, so we indicate as a clue the last house in the village Žiar, which you have on the right side about 400 m from you. At this point, the road splits again, you continue straight, towards the north.  You continue for a while through the meadow until you see, after a few meters on the left, a small bridge over the brook. Walk over the bridge directly to the game park.

The route is suitable for the beginners but also for families with children who want to spend their free time in the meadows in the Liptov region nature.

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