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In ZOOKONTAKT Tatralandia – family park, you can get to know the life of animals from a close distance. You can admire the agility of teddy bears, the ferocity of tigers and lions, the elegance of llamas or the playfulness of exotic birds. Definitely don’t miss it!

Are you looking for a new adventure and fun for the whole family? Head to Liptov. Visit ZOOKONTAKT Tatralandia and spend an unforgettable day with us. Get to know the world of animals up close, explore distant places thanks to the miniatures of the world’s buildings, go crazy on the attractions and sit down for an excellent coffee or a great lunch. A group of adults, families and children on a school trip will have fun here.


At ZOOKONTAKT, they take care of animals that, for various reasons, cannot survive in the wild and are dependent on human help. They provide them with constant care and protection, and at the same time make sure that they get used to contact with people and thus build mutual trust.

It is not for nothing that there is contact in the title: the life of animals is really within your reach with us. Where physical proximity is not possible for safety reasons, contact is mediated by nurses by interpretation. They will always explain to you in advance what kind of contact is possible, taking into account the physiological needs of the animals.



It is a monument designed by engineer André Waterkeyn for the occasion of the world exhibition Expo 58 in Brussels. The metal structure representing the iron crystal magnified 165 billion times consists of 9 spheres representing atoms. The atoms are located at the tops of the cube and one atom is in the center of the cube.

The individual spheres are interconnected by tunnels, which symbolize invisible forces between atoms. The whole structure is laid on three double pillars with stairs.


TatrapoliBig Ben

Elizabeth Tower, or colloquially Big Ben, is the tower at the northeast end of the Palace of Westminster in which the British Parliament sits. According to the bell, which is located in it, it is also popularly called Big Ben. It is one of London’s most famous landmarks. The clock tower was built according to the design of architect Sir Charles Barry during the reconstruction of the original Westminster Palace.


TatrapolisBurj Al-arab

The Arabian Tower is a luxury hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The foundations of the building extend 40-45 m to the seabed. The shape of the building resembles a stretched sail of typical Arabian sailing ships. 70,000 cubic meters of concrete, 9,000 tons of steel and 10,000 m2 of gold leaf were used to build the hotel.


CN Tower

There is a tall tower on the shores of Lake Ontario. It serves as a telecommunication tower, broadcasts television and FM signals. It is visited annually by more than 2 million visitors from all over the world. Construction began in February 1973. The tower has 147 floors up to the top of the stairs and at a height of 336 m a platform was installed and on which there is a 360 restaurant. minutes rotates around its axis.


TatrapolisEiffel Tower

It is a metal structure built on the Champ de Mars near the Seine in Paris. It is the tallest building in Paris and is one of the most famous symbols in the world. The tower was built between 1887 and 1889 on the occasion of the centenary of the French Revolution for the World’s Fair.

3000 metalworkers took part in the construction and assembled 18038 pre-prepared individual iron parts with 2.5 million rivets in just 26 months. The tower has three platforms – at a height of 57 m, 115 m and the third almost at the top at a height of 274 m.

The Eiffel Tower met with resistance from the people of Paris, who considered it a stain. Today, however, the Eiffel Tower in general is one of the most beautiful examples of architecture in the world.


Petronas Tower

A pair of skyscrapers designed by Argentine architect César Pelli. The construction of the towers was sponsored by the oil company Petronas, after which they are also named.

The towers are 170 meters high, between the 41st and 42nd floors, connected to each other by a two-level 58.82 m long and 5 m wide bridge. It serves as an emergency fire exit and as a lookout point. The bridge is not firmly anchored, but allows independent movement of both towers during the wind, up to 30 centimeters.

Transportation in the building is provided by two-storey elevators and their lower level serves the odd floors and the upper level the even floors.


Statue of Liberty

It recalls the friendship and help that France provided to the American settlers. It has stood on an islet in front of New York since 1886. The right hand, holding the torch, is 12.8 meters long and only the index finger is 2.4 meters long. At the feet of the statue lie the torn shackles of tyranny. In his left hand he holds a statue representing the Declaration of Independence. Its crown with seven rays is also a symbol of the freedom it is supposed to radiate over seven seas to six continents. Over time, the statue became a symbol of America. In 1984, the Statue of Liberty was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


TatrapolisSydney Opera House

The opera house is an example of a special shell. In this building, the shells are mainly used for artistic purposes. The non-traditional shape of the shells had the task of significantly distinguishing the theater building on the peninsula from the monotonous prismatic buildings of the city.

The Sydney Opera House has five main halls, an exhibition hall, a recording studio and restaurants. The opera hall has 1507 seats and there are 2679 seats in the concert hall. The building has become the most famous element of Australia, known throughout the world.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

The construction of the tower with the bell tower began under the direction of the architect Bonann Pisano in 1174. When the construction reached the third floor and a height of about 11 meters, the ring base tilted to the side by exactly 15 cm.

Pisano tried to balance the slope on the fourth floor, but failed, so for fear that the building would fall, he decided not to continue. In 1234, however, the architect Giovanni di Simone built another three floors of the tower in the same design as Pisano.

This was the construction of a basic tower in the shape of a cylinder. Therefore, two data on the height of the tower are always given. It is 55.22 meters high on the north side and 54.52 meters on the south side.


Taipei 101

It is a 101-story skyscraper in the city of Taipei in Taiwan. It is the third tallest building in the world. It has a total of 101 floors above ground and 5 underground. The building is in close proximity to an active tectonic fault and at the same time in the area of ​​frequent typhoons and tropical storms.

Taiwanese architect C. P. Wang found inspiration in a plant that is inextricably linked to this region – bamboo. At first glance, it is not very strong, but its composition is naturally flexible. The architect’s inspiration was also reflected in the external appearance of the building, which resembles a massive stalk.

Exceptional technical solutions make the Taipei 101 skyscraper one of the symbols of modern world architecture.



Just a few kilometers east of Rotterdam, near the city of Dordrecht, there is a famous group of 19 windmills, a destination for many tourists and sightseeing tours.

These mills were built around 1740 and are still fully functional today. Due to its number as well as the size and preservation of the whole complex, this group of mills was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997.


Tower on Kamzík

There is a TV tower, which is located in the Bratislava Forest Park, in the Little Carpathians, in an area called Koliba. It is the tallest building in Bratislava. The tower is one of the landmarks of the capital. The foundation stone of this building was laid in 1967 and completed in 1975.

Kamzík Hill is 438.4 meters above sea level and is well visible from a wide area, which ensures the tower not only good signal propagation, but also a visible position. It is the first visible building in Bratislava of almost all access roads. The silhouette of the tower from a distance is clear and slender. The tower also serves the broadcast and the public.


Water shot

Experience a real water shot only in Tatrapolis! The 8.5 m high mining tower is intended only for fun – the mining carts will take you to the top of the tower, launch them at the speed of the projectile and the cart will catapult you directly into the nearby lake. Don’t you also want to try the Water Shot on your own? Come and enjoy the attraction in Tatrapolis and experience the real adrenaline refreshment.


Discover the charm of the classic chain carousel, which offers fun even for the little ones. The children’s chain carousel is suitable for children from 3 years of age. The capacity of the carousel is 10 seats.


The motor train will take you through the entire park area and you can enjoy the perfect combination of relaxation and exploration.


A popular children’s attraction for small daredevils who are not afraid of water. They bring the real water fun even for the little ones. Get in your boat and indulge in crazy water fun. Suitable for children from 3 years.

18-hole minigolf

The popular minigolf is an ideal program for the whole family: everyone will have fun when overcoming obstacles and hitting holes!

Large trampoline

Do you know more fun than jumping on a trampoline? Visit us with the children and let them go crazy, safely and to the fullest.

Climbing castle

Who climbs the highest? Have fun with the children on the climbing castle and climb to the very top!

Huge sandpit

Our sandpit is embroidered for the little ones: it perfectly combines relaxation, safe entertainment and the opportunity to make new friendships.

Discover our lakes in a magical atmosphere under the treetops.

The church on Anjelský vršek
Do you have a romantic soul? Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this place, guarded by three angels.

Mirror labyrinth
Come and get lost for a moment in our maze full of mirror illusions. It is safe for children from 3 years old.


The restored amphitheater for 2,400 spectators brings the possibility of entertainment and cultural activities for the whole family. You can diversify your trip from this summer with a performance, concert or discussion evening in the open air. They are preparing great events with familiar faces and a quality program!

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