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Bobsleigh track Žiarce

The bobsleigh track is situated in the popular Demänovská Valley, namely in Liptov village Pavčina Lehota. Because the accommodation in Slovakia is so popular in this picturesque area, this attraction attracts new fans every year between adults and children.

It is not only the first built track in the Liptov region, but also the first runway of this type in Slovakia. The total length of the track is 1000 m and it is the steepest track in our territory, with a total elevation of 120 meters. The maximum speed that can be reached is limited to 45 km / h. By simply moving the lever towards you (you brake) or by yourself (you accelerate), you determine whether you achieve it.

The reason why the bobsleigh track at FUN PARK Žiarka boasts uniqueness is that the beans in which you are firmly attached are triggered on one alumina tube at about one meter above the ground. Do not worry at all, bobsled riding is safe and can be handled by children from 7 years of age. If you have a child who has not yet reached the age of seven, it is possible to go together in one but only up to a maximum allowable weight of 120kg. A total of 16 turns is on the track. The high attraction of the bobsleigh track is complemented by 2 ramps through which the track passes and, last but not least, 6 field jumps. The bobbin track and all accessories are from the Austrian manufacturer BRANDAUER.


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