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Bees are life: a school apiary as a natural textbook is a project in the garden of the important Slovak writer Milan Rúfus in Závažná Poruba. This garden is still part of the Low Tatras National Park.

The apiary is intended to contribute to the rescue of the bee population and to point out the immense importance of bees in the food chain, to preserve (increase) biodiversity, to improve human coexistence with bees. It is important to motivate children and young people in particular to beekeeping and to suspend the decline of beekeeping in the region.

In the garden there are currently 9 educational and interactive panels within the educational trail, a reconstructed apiary, various types of beehives, elevated flower beds, a herb spiral and a flower meadow. The school apiary is built taking into account the principles of permaculture, which means as much as possible in accordance with natural laws (nature), without the use of chemistry, fertilizers, peat. It makes maximum use of local natural resources to ensure sustainability.

The apiary is generally used primarily for environmental education of preschool children and primary and secondary school students from the Liptovský Mikuláš district. It will educate with the help of theoretical and practical education about the life and protection of the honey bee as an important indicator of biodiversity. Pupils will not only be acquainted theoretically with the basic knowledge about the honey bee, but due to the equipment of the garden will be able to watch the work of bees – workers directly in the meadow and in school hives in the school apiary to see stumps and mothers. They will get acquainted with the basic concepts and basic activities that the beekeeper must perform throughout the year to ensure the proper functioning and operation of the bee family. Planted honey plants are marked with Slovak and Latin names, which offers use in the field of plant cultivation, biology and ecology.

The apiary will be connected to other activities of kindergartens and primary schools in Závažná Poruba, prospectively beekeeping circle, workshops, etc. We will also inform you about the progress before the opening via the Epicenter Facebook page and in Porubské newspaper.

Real bees as a practical part of the apiary will be located behind the Evangelical Church in Závažná Poruba. If the situation regarding the bee plague calms down, it will be possible to plant two hives at the beginning of September. The plan is to have 6 bee families and breed them with the help of children, who thus try the beekeeping craft best.

The professional guarantor of the project is the NAPANT Administration Liptovský Hrádok, represented by Ing. Elena Hančinová and Ing. Mikuláš Hančin, who personally participated in the creation of the apiary.

The project was created mainly with the support of the Municipality of Závažná Poruba. We also thank our partners for the establishment of the apiary, namely:

  • GRAFON  s.r.o,
  • GREEN LAND s.r.o.,
  • PETRUS GROUP s.r.o.,
  • S_NAPANT L. Hrádok.

 About the Epicentrum

The Epicentrum initiative arose from the activities of the Regional Development Commission in Závažná Poruba. Under his auspices, we initiated the opening of a school apiary.

We care about our surroundings and our village. Together we develop activities, tourism and connect people who are involved here. We are preparing events for citizens and visitors not only of the municipality but also of the Liptov region. Can you get involved? We are open to cooperation.

We come and live in the village of Závažná Poruba. For us, it becomes the epicentre of sports, culture and entertainment.


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