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We are fast as fast food and quality as a first-class restaurant. That’s why our concept is called “Fast Casual”.

Meat: A quality burger is mainly about meat. In Regal Burger, the meat is being sourced from the best Slovak and Czech farms and does not contain antibiotics or growth hormones, chemical emollients or other additives. Its quality is regularly checked directly during the production process. Meat is being spiced during preparations just on the surface and this is the secret of why their burgers taste like real meat.

Pastries: Buns are fresh, crunchy and a little sweet. No semi-finished products purchased. Buns are baked by their court baker according to a secret recipe – not once, but twice a day! And because they think of everyone who has not found nature’s ability to process gluten, in addition to the famous brioche butter bun, they also offer gluten-free buns for celiacs.

Garnish: All vegetables are always fresh and carefully selected. Cheese is being sourced directly from the Netherlands.


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