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The Rumanský Art Centre private gallery is dedicated to the work of the brothers and academic painters Ivan and Igor Rumanský.

RUMANSKÝ ART CENTRE is a private gallery located in Liptovský Mikuláš. It was established in 2010 with the intention to promote the works of art of the Ivan and Igor Rumanský brothers, natives of the Demänová village, and of other artists who have been inspired by Liptov. The founder and the initiator of the idea of creating an exhibition hall in memory of his deceased brothers is Ing. Michal Rumanský, their youngest brother. By founding the RUMANSKÝ ART CENTRE, n.o., a nonprofit organization that operates the gallery, and opening the gallery itself, Michal Rumanský has succesfully highlighted the bonds bounding Igor and Ivan to their native Liptov, the region they considered their home and the place which inspired their works.

As the purpose of the RUMANSKÝ ART CENTRE gallery was determined from the very beginning, the interior was designed accordingly. The investor and the architect had a common vision of the project and focused on achieving it. The outcome of their effort was of such high quality that the interior was one of three nominees for the CE.ZA.AR 2011 Award for Architecture.

Ivan Rumanský (1944-1990) was a painter, drawer and graphic designer. He could not fully develop his talent due to an illness he struggled with until his death. He coped with it by painting, reading and studying books. Unrequited love also played a role in his illness. His paintings often depict loving couples, hugs, weddings, female portraits. It is interesting to mention that his portraits have no name and women are sometimes faceless. Just when he started to overcome the illness, he suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 46.

Igor Rumanský (1946-2006) worked for the Academy of Fine Art in Bratislava for 25 years, first as a professor assistant, then as an associate professor and ultimately as a professor at the Department of graphics. In his work he focused on graphics and illustration, postage stamp design and ex libris. He illustrated about 150 books, many of which were written by Milan Rúfus. The gallery is unique and exceptional also for its architectural and artistic solutions designed by Ján Revaj, the student of Igor Rumanský. The interior was one of three nominees for the CE.ZA.AR 2011 Award for Architecture.


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