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Mini-open-air museum of flooded villages

A unique project in the village called Liptovská Sielnica, which reminds the history and culture of thirteen villages that were flooded by the water of Liptovská Mara dam. It is located on the shore of the water reservoir, in the area of Koliby Gréta restaurant, where you can read information boards that will give you interesting facts and stories about the life of the people who had to leave their homes due to the construction of water works. You can see historical photos of the houses, churches, schools and other buildings that once stood in these villages.

Artificially created mini version relief of the Váh river is almost identical to the original, all meanders have been properly copied and even the information boards about the villages are installed in the places where they were originally located in the position towards the riverbed.

13 flooded historically independent municipalities

“Here 13 historically independent villages disappeared, which were flooded in 1975 by the water of the Liptovská Mara dam. Their names will no longer be recorded only on the old maps, but also in this place. Let’s not forget the people who lived here and their destinies,” informs the introductory information board.

The area of Koliba Greta restaurant as well as neighbouring businesses facilities is located on the place where the historic village called Liptovská Sielnica stood in the past. It was the only one of the flooded villages rebuilt about two kilometers north of the original village.

Mini-open-air museum project was created in cooperation with the Liptov Museum and the Slovak Water Management Enterprise, state company.

Flooded villages from the saddle of the bicycle

If you are interested in more information about the flooded villages of Liptovská Mara as well as the construction of the dam itself, you can also go for the thematic cycling route from the village Bešeňová to the village Bobrovník, which passes by several original villages, along the dam wall and offers beautiful views of the water and mountains.


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