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Military history educational trail

The educational trail named Military History documents the second most difficult battles of World War II in Slovakia, when the town Liptovský Mikuláš was fought for 62 long days. Educational boards inform about fighting troops and weapons, but also about the reconstruction of war-ravaged Liptov region.

The educational trail leads to the reverential Military area opened in 1961 with the memorial and the largest military cemetery of the Czechoslovak soldiers in the former Czechoslovakia. It is the place of final rest for 1369 members of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps, soldiers of the insurgent army and partisans. Since 2018, the Monument dedicated to Modern War Veterans commemorates the memory of professional soldiers who died while performing the tasks in the foreign missions and operations.

Length of the trail: 0.47 km (from the parking lot on the top of the hill called Háj to the reverential military area)

Elevation: on the plain

Attractions along the trail: reverential military area, forest park Háj Nicovô, Outdoor Shooting Range,

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