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„Pivovar Liptovar“ Brewery follows the tradition of original craft breweries in the region of Liptov.

Brewing rights started to be granted from the beginning of the 13th century. Upper brew was always the creator of the amber nectar, and each batch of beer was brewed with an emphasis on product quality. Currently, beer is made according to traditional technologies with use of traditional ingredients: malt, local water, hops and yeast. Our production represents only unpasteurized and unfiltered beer that inspires with its pleasant bitterness.

Our beer

Our beers are made from Demänová drinking water, from Plzen type malt, as well as special malts, hops and brewer’s yeasts. Technology is a single-phase fermentation where fermentation and maturing processes are performed in a cylindroconic tank. For unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, you will find typical yeast flavor and aroma.

Beer Happy 11 °
The beer is made exclusively from malt perennial malt. The beer is fermented at 12 ° C, it is a full-bodied taste with moderate heat, and when lying at low temperatures, carbon dioxide is bound and rounded in taste. The drink has a golden-yellow color and a dense pen, the smell of a delicate malt, hops, at the same time easy citrus, grass. The fullness of the flavor is medium, medium in size. The beer alcohol content is 4.5% vol.

SeaBeer 11 °
Light, fresh beer on hot summer days. It is characterized by its slim yellow color, dense foam and good patentability. The taste feels delicate to moderate, especially in the end, and delicate citrus flavors that grow to the smell – from grape to the gentle hints of limes in the background. Alcohol content 4% vol.

Beer UP 12 °
This is an experiment – we have topped the fermented beer, which is a beer oxymoron. It has the composition of malts and hops as a lager, mashing like a lager. Typical taste ingredient, characteristic for lager yeast, you were looking at it, although in vain, but the beer is therefore built on a sound midway between malt body and smooth taste of Czech and German hop varieties. The result is beer for daily drinking. When you finish it, you will ask others. Alcohol content 4.6% vol.

RugBeer 13 °
Dark top-brewing beer, typical of what you know from Ireland. We did not try to imitate Guinness, we go our way. The beer is cooked from one kind of malt, roasted barley and unsweetened barley. It is characterized by roasted tones and a gentle hint of dry sour taste. Hops taste and taste are in this style completely in the queue, almost inexhaustible. Alcohol content 4.7% vol.

Propaganda 13 °
The upper fermented beer, typical of England. Our EPA has a darker orange caramel color. In taste, the caramel tones are in the queue and the eagerness, grassiness and fine spiciness of English hop varieties come to the fore. The overall impression in the end is underlined by certain yeast esteriness and pleasant medium-intensity hot sedimentation. Alcohol content 5% vol.

Beerverly 14 °
Peak fermented beer characterized by a light orange with wispy caramel tones, distinctive bitterness, but especially intense citrus flavor and aroma of aromatic varieties of American hops, which are among the most beautiful in the world. Alcohol content 6% vol.

Beer Force One 14 °
With this beer we did not spare the hops. Not even choice, neither quality nor quantity. Its intensity accompanies you from the very beginning to the end. After the initial heat of the beginning, the flavors develop into a gentle spice of grapefruit, again to a hot finish with a fine pungent touch and again with a harsh nudge. Beer Force One we’ve got a bold, golden-yellow, with an alcohol content of up to 6% vol.

Restaurant Liptovar Brewery

All the dishes offered in our menu are prepared from fresh ingredients in accordance with the latest gastronomic trends and we prepare them for their simplicity and maximum taste. Sauces are reduced from whipped cream, good alcohol and strong unalloyed broths. The food supplements are tailored to the taste of the main product.

Like our beer cooked from Demanovo water, we also emphasize the supply of products and ingredients used by local suppliers and producers from Liptov and nearby localities, such as local chalets, high quality meat and meat, vegetable and fruit growers.

Of course, products from our own brewing production such as barley malt, hops and the beer itself from our production are also used in our meals.

For our employees, cooking is not only a job, but also a mission, and therefore, in our prepared meals, we also add a miraculous ingredient, which is a great piece of love and a piece of heart.


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