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Distillery – traditional spirits

The distillery for fruit distillates dp Company was the first in Slovakia to resume the production of traditional Slovak homemade spirits. Homemade spirits have been a jewel since time immemorial due to its uniqueness and implacability

We bring you this noble delicious and delicate drink made with a traditional recipe under the brand of home made brandy.

Distillery offer

Slivovica 52 %

The traditional distillate, which is characterized by a balanced delicate almond aroma of the nubs, which is complemented by a strong fruity taste of plums.

Hruškovica 52 %

Harmonious distillate characterized by its unmistakable aroma, which is complemented by an unusually long-lasting sweet, deliciously fruity taste of pears.

Jablkovica 52 %

An excellent noble distillate with a delicate aroma of sweet apples, complemented by a delicious fruity-fresh taste.

Distillery for spirits Liptovské Kľačany

The distillery has the most modern single-boiler distillation equipment in Slovakia, which are made of high quality materials and meet the strictest EU conditions. The modern way of conducting distillation allows us to produce home made spirits of unique taste and quality. Single-boiler plants with a rectification multi-stage column with a volume of 200 l and 300 l control the main distillation process. The devices allow us to influence mainly the taste and aromatic properties of distillates, which are an integral part of the highest quality real fruit distillates.


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