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Try the Ballooning and enjoy the adventure on a plane which is lighter than air. You will experience a little bit od adrenaline before taking off, during the flight and of course during the landing. Give air ticket as a gift or gift voucher to your loved ones or friends.

How does it work?

The balloon goes up or down according to the air temperature which is inside the balloon. The horizontal movement indicates the direction of the wind. Pilot chooses the starting point according to the wind direction that day, so after one hour he can easily land on another suitable place. The suitable starting point can be meadow, field or playground. The Ballooning is accompanied with a car with assistants who will put the balloon together after the landing and they will take care of its transport.

Sightseeing balloon flights

Process of this event:

Client orders a flight for a specific date. He specifies the number of the passengers Pilot finds out the weather forecast before the day of the flight and he informs the client. He confirms the arrival even before the passengers leave the house. Meeting at the starting point at least one hour before the taking off. The passengers get the information about the current weather conditions, supposed direction of the flight and landing point. Instructions about the behaviour inside the balloon. Put the vehicle of the passengers aside to suitable and safe place. Inflation of the balloon. Boarding and taking off / the flight takes around 1 hour /. Landing on another place. Congratulation and launch of new aeronauts with champaigne. Put the balloon together and loading it into the transport vehicle, approximately 30 minutes. Returning to the starting point by car, approximately 30 minutes. Note: If the passengers have their own driver, i tis not necessary to return to the starting point. One of our assistants can drive the car by mutual agreement.

Price list for exclusive ballooning
1 person 400 €
2 persons 400 €
3 persons 500 €
4 persons 650 €
5 persons 800 €
In case of exclusive ballooning, the group is closed and i tis not possible to combine it with another group!!!

Anchored balloon flights

The minimum number of passangers is 2. When restrained, balloon flight is fixed by a rope and is able to soar to the height of about 30 meters. Around 50 passengers can use this balloon in a single hour. This attraction is especially suitable for company events.

The conditions for ballooning:
Outputs balloon can make up to 30 m above the ground
The place must be as large as half a football field
An area must be fenced or otherwise protected against harm to persons
Must have a landowner consent
During the event, winds must be slower than 3 m/s and there must not be a rain
During one hour, will take about 50 people per flight takes about 3 min.

Price list
* First hour 500 €
* Each additional hour € 400
Excl. VAT and freight.*


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