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Catch and release – Fishing Čutkovo

City organization Slovak Fishery Union in cooperation with Kolibou Good Shepherd seeks to create a national team ground for fishermen and nerybárov. Ružomberský fishermen who use the district are trying to increase the attractiveness of the tank and restocking it only native species of fish. These are brown trout, grayling and thyme as Hlaváča. VN Čutkovo character is salmon – trout with the regime appropriated without a catch. In order to ensure responsible way of handling the fish, which is catching obliged immediately drop back into the water; mso SRZ Ruzomberok catching recommends: Use barbless hooks, artificial lures only use a fish did not invent and do not save ashore for a photo shoot.

This water is allowed to hunt two ways, namely:

– Fly fishing (fly-fishing)

– Spinning (flashers, wobbler, artificial lures)

Necessary fishing license can be purchased directly at Koliba u dobrého pastiera.

Soon the water reservoir in Čutková.

More than 0.5 ha dam is fed Čutkovo Čutkovská stream that originates in Great Fatra below the top of the hill Šiprúň. Length of the stream is more than 10 km.

Fishermen who are interested in beautiful nature, sport fishing in the lap of beautiful nature of Velka Fatra have certainly come to its …..


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