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Liptov Ride 2024

Skialp, freeride along with biking, running and kayaking? Everything is possible! Create a team of people and win the Liptov Ride team relay race together.

The race closes the season of winter sports such as ski mountaineering and freeride skiing and bridges and opens summer sports disciplines such as running, cycling and kayaking.

The race will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2023. The competition will be in three categories, team, pair and individual. The team can be made up of five members, where each member represents exactly one discipline. If someone dares to master more than one sport discipline, the team can have fewer members. In the pair category, individual disciplines are freely divided between 2 competitors, in the individual category, each athlete must complete all five disciplines.

NEW: This year’s event also brings with it several novelties:

  • the “Lúčky” zone moves to “Biela Púť”,
  • a new route awaits the ski alpinist and freerider.

If you don’t feel like racing, register as a volunteer and help a great event! We will provide the accommodation and, in addition to great fun, you will also receive a small reward.

Are you going racing? Book accommodation with our partners with a discount: liptovride.sk/#ubytovanie

For more info follow @liptov_ride.

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