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Aurelica coffee hides a healthy blend of passion, determination and love for coffee in its name.
In addition to the love of coffee, Aurelica coffee has another, no less important role to play. Our brand bears the name of the most famous Liptov native Aurel Stodola, who also taught Albert Einstein himself at the University of Zurich.
Our presentation is not about sales through the power of marketing. Our marketing is you! Our satisfied customers, whose range is constantly growing.
Do not hesitate and order some of our grains to find out the taste of genuine pleasure to work, enthusiasm in increasing coffee culture in Slovakia and youthful ferocity.
Dvojka coffee
Two, this is the second coffee shop of Aurelica coffee in Liptov. Dvojka coffee is a Breakfast bistro combining the quality of coffee, meals with a friendly approach, designed to make your day more beautiful 🙂
In the first year of its establishment, the number two coffee won the Silver Star of 2018 in the café category.


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