What is Liptov Region Card?

The Liptov Region Card regional discount card (“LRC”) is a card with a barcode and a unique numeric code that enables its holder to receive discounts on products and the region‘s attractions. The LRC is issued and distributed through the OOCR REGION LIPTOV sales points together with the Klaster LIPTOV Tourism Association. d. or you can buy the Liptov Region Card online.

Who is the Liptov Region Card holder?

The cardholder is a person to whom the LRC was issued. The card is non-transferable, issued in the name of its owner. The card shall be issued for children over 6 years. It is forbidden for any third parties to use discounts and benefits of the LRC.

How to obtain Liptov Region Card?

The card is available at the LRC contractual partners such as accommodation facilities, information centres and other sales points. The places where you can get the card are listed in the brochure on pages No. 108-110 or at our web page liptov-region-card. You can buy the Liptov Region Card online at

What is the price of Liptov Region Card?

If you decide to stay at least one night at one of our partner’s accommodation in Liptov, get a card for FREE or for 3 €. Otherwise you can purchase LRC at information centres or other sale points or online for 5 €.

How do I activate my Liptov Region Card?

The plastic card must be activated within 24 hours of it being issued and receiving an SMS message from Klaster LIPTOV. You will activate the card by sending a response SMS message reading e.g. “L2” (L + relevant number 1-3). Unless you confirm the SMS message within 24 hours, the card will not be activated and you will not be able to receive the discounts. By sending the response SMS message, you give Klaster LIPTOV and OOCR REGION LIPTOV (under the provisions of Act No. 18/2018 Coll.) consent to the processing your personal data.

What do I do if I have problems with the card activation?

If you don‘t get the activation message or you have a different problem, contact the reception or call our hotline +421 915 888 014.

How long is Liptov Region Card valid?

The validity of your LRC is unlimited.

What discounts does the Liptov Region Card present?

In the summer season 2023 you can use 75 discounts in 7 categories. The discounts are listed in the Liptov region brochure, in the Liptov mobile application or online at liptov-region-card. Please, show your LRC and use your discounts immediately.

How to apply the discount by yourself?

Places that provide discounts easily recognized by the sticker „ENJOY DISCOUNT HERE“. In the place that provide discount, a QR code is placed in the visible place, which you can scan with your mobile phone and directly accept the specific discount in your phone. If there is no QR code at the place, they can also accept your discount via an electronic scanner.


It is important that you immediately report the card loss to OCCR REGION LIPTOV or Klaster LIPTOV by e-mail at or by phone: +421 915 888 014. An OOCR REGION LIPTOV employee will send you your Liptov Region Card number which you can save to the Liptov mobile application. You can also buy a new Liptov Region Card at the tourist information centre. The new card will be assigned to your existing data in the system. If your card is stolen, it is important that you immediately report the theft to OCCR REGION LIPTOV or Klaster LIPTOV by e-mail at or by phone: +421 915 888 014. The card will be blocked immediately. There is no right to compensation. You can buy the new LRC at the tourist information centre for the price based on the valid price list.

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