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The area of Priehyba in Jasná will be honoured to welcome very special guests in summer! More than 40 pieces of original Wallachian sheep will find their home far away from home there temporarily. This original sheep species that used to graze pastureland at high altitudes of over 1,400 metres is easy to breed and is typical for spiral-shaped horns. In Jasná, young sheep will be gazing the area around Priehyba and will be watched by a shepherd and several dog guards. Kids as well as adults will get a chance to learn something about the history of shepherding, have a closer look at this precious breed and see how it is bred in the beautiful nature of the Low Tatras.

The Walachian Sheep Land in Jasná offers:

  • details of how Wallachian sheep live and are bred (explained by our shepherd) 
  • demonstrations of how sheep are driven to pasture and herded
  • demonstrations of dog training
  • personal contact with sheep and dogs
  • watching their everyday life in a beautiful natural environment
  • traditional sheep milk specialities such as cheese, boiled whey, gnocchi with bryndza (sheep cheese product)

The aim of the Wallachian Sheep Land project in Jasná is preserving the traditional Wallachian sheep breed in the region of Liptov, where it used to occur in the past but is very rare today. The main role of Wallachian sheep was to graze mountain meadows at high altitudes. However, the breeding numbers started to decrease because the milk production was too low. Their significance as for mountain meadow farming and preserving the shepherding tradition is very high, though

Delicious sheep products will be an inseparable part of the Wallachian Sheep Land in Jasná and served at the “U Valašky” stall in the area of Priehyba. Fans of gnocchi with bryndza (sheep cheese product) or boiled sheep whey will love it there. As our Wallachian sheep are too young to produce milk, the products will be supplied by a traditional sheep farm in the Liptov region.


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