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Admission is free of charge for children until 4 years of age. It´s necessary to make a reservation on www.tricklandia.sk

Trick-art and optic illusions gallery

TrickLandia is a place where you will experience a unique journey through Slovakia in the gallery of trick-art and optical illusions. In its premises you will find themes of Slovak folk tales, fairy tales, as well as knowledges about municipalities and castles in Slovakia. They contain trick-art paintings, augmented reality, antigravity rooms, the most beautiful mirror maze in Central Europe, and several novelties we have prepared in 2020.

Tricklandia covers an area of 500 m2

Construction involved the use of more than 200 m2 mirrors

Our art work used more than 2,000 cans of spray paint

We worked on Tricklandia for exactly a year putting in 9,600 hours of work

Production of the exhibits required 6 m3 of wood and 9,600 screws

15 trick-art pictures, a 6 m-tall book and 7 other exhibits await your visit


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