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Picnic in a gallery garden

The gallery garden offers a peaceful atmosphere for families with children, romantic couples, teenagers and seniors. The garden also includes children’s playground and in the summer it is the scene of some events of Mikuláš Summer.

We invite you to spend relaxing time in nature in the middle of the town and at the same time enjoy homemade goodies prepared for you by three local people. They will also lend you a picnic blanket and sitting with family or friends can begin.

How to do it?
from June to August

1. Buy a basic package for 19 € for 4 people in one of our partner location. You can order it from the menu below, or choose from a wide range of partner location with many more.

2. For a deposit of 50 €, rent a blanket and picnic basket, in which they will pack these goodies with a waiting time of about 15 minutes.

3. Head to the gallery garden and enjoy a relaxing picnic.

4. Take the picnic basket and blanket to the place where you borrowed them and they will refund the entire deposit. Plan your picnic in such a way that you have enough time to enjoy it and have time to return the basket and blanket during the opening hours of our partner location.

* In each basket, a small surprise awaits your children in the form of crayons and a Santa paper hat, which is also a coloring book.*

Find a place in the sun or in the shade of trees, spread a blanket and feasting, playing with children, or relaxing under the open sky can begin.




Address: Tranovského 3995 / Baťova ulička, Tel.: +421 905 651 610
Opening hours: Mo-Fr: 07:30AM – 06:30PM

In the AB-C štúdio, they will pack a picnic basket for you:
homemade spread to choose from (ermine, crackling, carrot, celery, egg, beetroot, garlic…), vegetable side dish, homemade lemonade, sweets (poppy, Linz, honey), pastries and a small surprise in the form of a board game
AB-C štúdio is known for its daily freshly baked healthy delicious cakes.

You can find the whole offer here: https://www.abcstudiolm.sk/kaviaren-s-hernickou/


Address: Štúrova 1 / Klinika Pinium, Tel.:  +421 911 895 333
Opening hours: Mo-Sa: 7.00 – 14.00

In the Restaurant Raňajkáreň “U MŇA” they will pack a picnic basket for you:
homemade spread to choose from (liver, cottage cheese, lanchmid, lard with herbs, bryndza, tuna, carrot, egg…), vegetable side dish, raspberry on tap, sweet croissant, butter, jam, honey or Nutella and pastries

Restaurant Raňajkáreň „U MŇA“ is known for “Ivan’s minutes” directly from the hands of the chef and owner of the restaurant.
You can find the whole offer herehttps://www.ranajkarenumna.sk/raňajkáreň


Address: Tranovského 1060/5
Opening hours: Sa-Su: 9.00 – 15.00

In the Karma Coffee & Bistro they will pack a picnic basket for you:

homemade sandwiches of your choice (chicken, ham, cheese), cookies, fruit of your choice, homemade lemonade

The gallery garden is open daily from April to August from 7.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., from September to March daily from 7.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. You can also prepare snacks yourself and bring them with you. The garden is open to everyone, so come and enjoy its refreshing greenery.

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