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Malinô Brdo ski & bike family park

Ružomberok – Malinô Brdo is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Veľká Fatra mountains at an altitude ranging from about 545 to1 209 m a.s.l. It is situated only about 1 km away from the centre of the Ružomberok town, in a pleasant area of the Hrabovská Dolina valley. The Malinô Brdo Ski & bike family park centre has an excellent geographical location as the town of Ružomberok lies on the main road from Žilina to the Vysoké Tatry mountains.

There is an ebike charging station located next to the aprés ski bar.

The area is a popular place of rest and relaxation for both domestic and foreign tourists. During the summer season, you can use an 8-seater gondola cable car to get directly to the Malinô Brdo centre. The surrounding countryside offers magnificent opportunities for hiking and biking. You can visit popular tourist destinations such as the wooden village of Vlkolínec (a UNESCO site) or go for a hike along the ridge of the Veľká Fatra mountains to Smrekovica

Adrenaline lovers will sure enjoy riding the trails suitable for mountain scooters and carts and downhill mountain biking enthusiasts will have a blast exploring the trails of the top bike park in Slovakia.    


The bike park is located in the Ski & bike family park Malinô Brdo centre and it was opened in the summer of 2009.  A total of 10 km of trails makes it the top bike park in Slovakia.

There are 10 trails for downhill mountain biking, graded according to difficulty. The most difficult downhill trail meets international standards, it is 2 200 m long and has a vertical drop of 400 m.

In addition to the downhill mountain biking trails, the park also features a number of sections for riding a mountain scooter. You can take advantage of having your bike or a scooter taken up to the top by an 8-seater gondola cable car.

If you don´t have a downhill bike, there is a bike rental and a bike shop selling top-end bikes and equipment located at the lower station of the cable car.


1. To Čutkovská Dolina through Vtáčnik

The route takes bikers from Hrabovo through Kalvária, Vtáčnik and Čutkovská dolina back to Hrabovo

2. To Podsuchá through Smrekovica

The route starts in Hrabovo towards Vtáčnik and then continues through the Nižné Šiprúnske saddle and Smrekovica. It ends with a descent to Podsuchá.

3. From Podsuchá to Smrekovica

The route follows an asphalt road to Smrekovica and ends at the Vojenská Zotavovňa military convalescent home.

4. From Podsuchá to Smrekovica (past Škutovky)

The route runs from Podsuchá to Škutovky (2 km). From here it follows a path to Smrekovica (5 km) and an asphalt road to the Vojenská Zotavovňa military convalescent home.

5. Čutkovská dolina

The route begins in Hrabovo and ends in Čutkovo.

6. From Čutkovo to Ľubochňa past Tlstá hora

Beginning in Čutkovo, the route takes you past Tlstá hora to Ľubochňa and back to Hrabovo via Švošov and Hrboltová.

7. From Ľubochňa to Ružomberok (Hrabovo)

The route begins and ends in Ružomberok (Hrabovo).

8. To Vlkolínec past Krkavá skala

The route runs from Hrabovo and continues through Kalvária to the beginning of Cyklokorytnička. From here it sweeps past Gejdák and Krkavá skala and into Vlkolínec.

9. Vlkolínec loop (past Šiprúň)

The route starts in Hrabovo and continues through Kalvária and Suché Hrabovo to Vlkolínec. From here the route passes on past Kozia farma to Jazierce and back to Vlkolínec.

10. To the Korytnica Spa through Podsuchá

The route runs from Hrabovo and continues through Kalvária to Vtáčnik. It then passes on to Čutkovská dolina and back to Hrabovo.


Find inspiration in our list of TOP hiking trails

  • Hiking time:
  • Total elevation gain:
  • Places of interests

Odporúčame Vám nasledovné turistické trasy:
1. Hrabovo – Kalvária – Vlčia skala – Sidorovo (1099 m) – Vlkolínec – Suché Hrabovo – Hrabovo

  • Hiking time: 3,5 hod., 12 km
  • Total elevation gain: 412 m
  • Places of interests: Vlkolínec – drevená obec zapísaná v zozname UNESCO

2. Hrabovo – Kalvária – okruh okolo Sidorova – Kalvária – Hrabovo

  • Hiking time: 3 hod., 11 km
  • Total elevation gain: 324 m

3. Hrabovo – Šimunovo – Malinô Brdo (1209 m.n.m.) – Vtáčnik – Suché Hrabovo – Kalvária – Hrabovo

  • Hiking time: 3,5 hod., 12 km
  • Total elevation gain: 698 m

4. Hrabovo – Kalvária – Suché Hrabovo – Vtáčnik – Šiprúnske sedlo – Janošíkova kolkáreň – Smrekovica ( 1478 m.n.m.) – Podsuchá

  • Hiking time: 6 hod., 23 km
  • Total elevation gain: 938 m
  • Places of interests: Smrekovica – recreation center, Janošíkova kolkáreň – national nature conservation area

5. Hrabovo – Kalvária – Malinô Brdo – Vtáčnik – Šiprúnske sedlo – Maďarovo (1331 mn.m.) – sedlo pod Tlstou horou – Čutková dolina

  • Hiking time: 5 hod., 20 km
  • Total elevation gain: 791 m
  1. Zelená (Green)
  • Length: 4 300 m
  • Average slope: 9,3 %
  • Total elevation gain: 397 m

The easiest trail in the bike park, perfect for the first time down hill riders and families with kids. It is located below the upper station of the gondola cable car and is largely made up of forest paths and meadows. Rent a bike and equipment and enjoy your first time down hill mountain biking!


  1. Modrý zamat (Blue Velvet)

This freeride trail is one of the most popular trails in Ružomberok. It is a single track trail with the predominant surface being clay (90%). It features plenty of banked turns (app. 60), jumps, doubles, berms and waves. The trails is designed for beginner to advanced riders, allowing them to ride at their own pace. Highly recommended!


  1. Low Ryder
  • Length: 500 m
  • Average slope: 17,2 %
  • Total elevation gain: 69 m

Low Ryder is a single track DH trail with no artificial obstacles. The ride starts on No. 2 trail and it connects to No. 4 trail after about 1,3 km. You can then ride into the trails No. 1, 2 and 4.


  1. Monster Dog
  • Length: 1 600 m
  • Average slope: 14,5 %
  • Total elevation gain: 232 m

The trail is suited to advanced and experienced riders, with lots of tree roots, rocks and artificial obstacles, such as drops, doubles, a rock garden and wooden bridges. You can access the trail from Modrý Zamat (trail No. 2) after around 1,2 km. To get to the bottom, you can either follow trail No. 1 or trail No. 2.


  1. Intro
  • Length: 500 m
  • Average slope: 15,4 %
  • Total elevation gain: 77 m

The Intro trail is the beginning section of a downhill route. It features a lot of tree roots, rocks, natural jumps, man-made doubles and a gap. The trail is a multi-user route designed for experienced riders. It  connects to trail No. 4, which you can choose to ride to get to the bottom. You can also take trail No. 1 and trail No. 2.


  1. ENZED
  • Length: 1 050 m
  • Average slope: 20 %
  • Total elevation gain:  200 m

The ENZED trail is best suited for the most demanding of riders. It has been designed in cooperation with world-class riders riding for the Banshee Bikes Factory Team, an international pro downhill race team led by Matej Charvát. The terrain is steep and technically challenging, featuring tight turns, open turns, roots and rocks. The first half of the track is the most challenging part, with two large double drops firing you into a steep rooty down-slope. The second half of the trail will challenge you with a techy traverse.

ENZED trail is the most difficult trail in the park. Its level of difficulty increases when it is wet and   multiplies when it rains. Its difficult nature makes it popular among downhill mountain bike racers competing both nationally and internationally. You can access the trail from DH PRO (trail No. 7). After  about 100 m, turn left. To reach the bottom, you can either take trail No. 4, 1 or 2.


  1. DH PRO
  • Length: 1 000 m
  • Average slope: 19,9 %
  • Total elevation gain: 199 m

The track starts at the upper station of the gondola cable car and leads to Monster Dog (No. 4 trail). It is designed for the most demanding of riders. It includes plenty of technically challenging sections with open traverses, steep terrain, roots and rocks. DH PRO trail connects to trails No. 4, 1  and 2.


  1. Bidasken
  • Length: 800 m
  • Average slope: 11,5 %
  • Total elevation gain: 92 m

The track is designed for the most advanced mountain bikers. Its construction was inspired by the North Shore Trail and so it is mainly made up of forest paths and wooden bridges of different shapes. You can access the trail from Modrý zamat (trail No.2) after around 1,7 km. The trail connects to trail No. 4 and also to trails No.  1, 2 and 4.


  1. Blizzard
  • Length: 4 100 m
  • Average slope: 9,7 %
  • Total elevation gain : 392 m

The Blizzard is a trail designed to accommodate riders of all abilities, from beginners and hard tail riders right through to experienced enduro and downhill riders. The trail is a single-track route of variable surface types. Its natural and built parts will take you through meadow and forest terrain, packed full of small to moderate obstacles, such as terrain waves, small jumps, step-ups, wooden   bridges, close as well as banked turns and several easy root and rocky passages.

Its low average slope and braking bumps remove the need for breaking sharply, making the ride flow smoothly. The overall length of the trail and its features will test your endurance and biking skills. Highly recommended to every XC trail, all-mountain, enduro and freeride/downhill rider.


  • Length: 2 200 m
  • Average slope: 10 %
  • Total elevation gain: 280 m
  • Difficulty level: blue

This newly built trail begins at the upper station of the chairlift and winds its way down the piste towards the saddle of the Malinô Brdo mountain. This section of the route offers wonderful panoramic views stretching over the Chočské Vrchy mountains, the Western Tatras and the Low Tatras. After around 1000 m, the trail enters the forest with some turns along the way and after some time it joins the Vlkolínska piste again. The trail traverses the slope and heads back towards the lower station of the chairlift.


  1. SUCHÁ
  • Length: 3 000 m
  • Average slope: 8,5  %
  • Total elevation gain: 380 m
  • Difficulty level: green

This trail also begins at the upper station of the chairlift located at the top of the Malinné mountain. It enters the forest with a steeper descent and then it connects to a section made of gravel and broken asphalt paths. The trail finishes in the Vlkolínske meadows, next to the Mini Zoo, just at the foot of the Sidorovo mountain.



Experience the fun of riding specially designed scooters! There are two routes available – an asphalt one with the length of 5 km (white) suitable for beginners and children and a Rookie Line (green)  designed for more adventurous riders.

Take the 8-seater gondola cable car to the top of Malinô Brdo and then enjoy the adrenaline-filled thrill of riding down the mountain route on a mountain scooter. Helmets and cycling gloves are provided.

Information about prices can be found here.


Want to try something adventurous? Take the 8-seater gondola cable car to the top of Malinô Brdo and enjoy the adrenaline rush of heading down a mountain trail on a mountain cart. There are two mountain cart trails available – an asphalt road with the total length of 5 km is suitable for those who do not have much experience riding a mountain cart and enjoy less nerve-racking activities. Rookie line, which is an easy bike trail, can be enjoyed by the more adventurous riders.

You can find the cart rental prices here.


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