KÚPELE LÚČKY a.s. are one of the oldest spa in Slovakia.

Their history dates back to 1761, when the first spa building was built. The decisive role in complex spa therapy plays a role in thermal medicine mineral water, which has a temperature of 32 ° C and 37 ° C.

Spas as a private medical facility providing health care services in particular pay attention to improving the quality of healthcare delivery processes. Their goal is to improve the health of clients – in the treatment and prevention of illness in the sense of the valid indication list. They also promote a socially responsible vision of the use of spa services in the overall system of healthcare facilities in Slovakia. In order to improve the health of the population. Considering the constitutional form of health care provision, they also take active control and positive development of complementary services. In particular, accommodation, gastronomy, leisure services and the quality of indoor and outdoor spa environments.

The spa is suitable for all ages, offers various types of stays – therapeutic, curative, weekend, senior, program for men and women, tourist, stays for treatment of osteoporosis, skiing, reduction, New Year’s Eve, Easter.

The management of the company tries to adapt its offer to the demands of its customers and makes various actions to increase their interest.

The annual increase in the quality of services provided is attracting more and more customers to the spa, because everywhere in the world, “best advertising is a satisfied client”.


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