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Summer on the move

Up to 8 performers are waiting for you in Bešeňová in the summer, and they´ll make you moving for sure. 

Summer on the move

Many performers are ready for you this summer to entertain you, mainly with motion.

In the beginning of summer holidays Martin Harich, who is known from the Czech and Slovak TV show Superstar, will have his performance. There will be a yoga weekend with one of the best trainers in Slovakia, Fredy Aysi. Bešeňová will come alive with the performance of Laci Strike and his street dance academy to teach you how to move to the rhythm of modern music. Folk dance will be presented by the folk ensemble BystrinaLove Dance by Lady Mel will continue in the dance genre in August. Dominika Mirgová will be the next great singer coming with great music. If you watched Let´s dance, come and visit Bešeňová in August to experience the dancers live. And holidays will be finished with a pleasant music of the group Modus Memory.

PROGRAMME July – August


Martin Harich, coming from the region Liptov, will launch the summer holidays with his performance in Bešeňová. The finalist of the Czech and Slovak TV show Superstar will get you either with his singing talent or his charisma. You can look forward to his famous hits such as Marilyn Monroe, Tichý večer (Silent Evening), Čo potom (What ´ll happen then), etc.


14.7.2018 FREDY AYSI

Let Yoga bring health to your body, the peace of mind and the joy of the soul. These are the words of Fredy Aysi, who is the pioneer of practicing yoga in Slovakia. As the first to bring true yoga to Slovakia. If you like yoga and dancing, do not hesitate 14.7. to come to Bešeňová and, besides great relaxation and well-being, you can also enjoy a healthy yoga movement.


21.7.2018 LACI STRIKE

The founder of the prestigious dance school with a 15-year tradition and high quality will also come to Bešeňová. On 21.7.2018, he will introduce himself with the entire dance crew academy and will take you through the development of dances from the past to the present.



28.7.2018 BYSTRINA

The folklore ensemble Bystrina has been active in Banská Bystrica for more than 37 years. Music, singing, folk costumes – these all are fragments of the past, which they still wish to convey to people who have not forgotten and do not want to forget the uniqueness of our ancestors’ speech. And they will present their long experience in folk dances directly in Bešeňová this summer.




Young dancer, choreographer, lecturer and leader of HIP HOP FAKULTY Melánia Kassenčáková, also known as Lady Mel, will bring a proper dose of dance to Bešeňová. She is part of high-quality underground events, battles and competitions. You can also find her on main pages of magazines, she´s the face of world brands, part of private events, fashion shows, TV programmes and video clips (in collaboration with RYTMUS, TINA, ČISTÝ CHOV, LUZA, H16), the opener of concerts BLACK EYED PEACE, JAZ-Y, SNOOP DOGG. In the summer of 2011, she completed the European tour of Kanye West, where she also starred as a soloist.


Enjoy the well-known hits of Dominika Mirgová in Bešeňová. She´ll sing famous hits like “Zober ma tam (Take Me There),” “Nová (New),” “Čas zázrakov (Time of Miracles),” “Hore (Up),” “Toto som ja (This is Me)” and many others. With her talent she also impressed the Superstar judges, and this helped her to move her successful career even further. Since then, she has sung many well-known hits that have millions of views on YouTube. Check out her qualities right in the Bešeňová water park.



Let’s Dance brought whole Slovakia to dance. The spectacular dance show attracted again crowds of viewers to the television. But you will be able to experience the atmosphere of Let’s Dance live in Bešeňová. For example, you can see Dominika Rošková, who danced with Branislav Deák. Her partner Jaroslav Oboň will accompany Dominica to show you truly exceptional dance pieces. The winner of the last series of Let’s Dance Dominika Chrapeková, who won with Vlak Kobielsky, will also be introduced. Her partner Filip Buránský, who danced with Emma Drobná, will join her.

26.8.2018 MODUS MEMORY

Modus group´s repertoire belongs to the golden pop music fund. The main author, the most recent jubilee, is Janko Lehotský. Even Meky Žbirka, Marika Gombitová, and other singers, who went through Modus, contributed to the fact that his songs hit the hearts of the younger and middle generation at the turn of the 70’s and 80’s.


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