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New Year’s Eve 2022 in Tatralandia

New Year’s Eve party in pools

The popular New Year’s Eve bath party continues, and the last night of the year you can celebrate in the tropics wearing swimsuits and drinking exotic drinks. The night bath party is prepared with water attractions, adrenalin water slides and a peaceful sauna world. The entertainment will go on until 3.00 a.m.

Pools will turn into the dance floor and the only appropriate outfit is a swimsuit and crazy New Year’s Eve accessories. And if we want fun, it must be nothing but great. The top rapper of the Slovak music scene, EGO, will entertain you on the last day of the year. In addition, non-stop disco music or beautiful female dancers will surely guarantee unforgettable entertainment. We are going to choose The Best Couple of New Year’s Eve 2022, enjoy crazy competitions or a battle of the sexes. And what would New Year’s Eve be without a raffle? We continue our tradition and a generous raffle with attractive prizes is prepared for you, as the years before. Who can say I spent New Year’s Eve on a tropical island? Well, the one who spends it at Tatralandia, where air temperatures do not drop below 30°C, live tropical plants are all around, and snorkelling or surfing is within reach. And if you´re like drinking cooling Piña Colada – just reach out to the Barbados water bar.

Price list
New Year’s Eve party 2022 tickets
(6.00 pm – 3.00 am)
(under 6)
(6 – 12)
Online presale at www.gopass.travel
from 12.12.2022
GRATIS 19 € 49 € 49 €
Sale on cash desk (31.12.2022) GRATIS 19 € 59 € 59 €
  • Event time 6:00 pm – 3:00 am
  • The programme may be subject to change.
  • FREE entry for kids under 6 years of age accompanied by a paying adult! 2 kids maximum to 1 adult.
  •  New Year’s Eve entry ticket includes an Aqua ticket (10 pools, 6 water slides and tubes, parking, a locker) and New Year’s Eve programme from 6 pm
Čas Aktivita
18:00 Začíname – vodná párty s DJ-om
19:10 Aquagym – Silvestrovská vodný gymnastika
19:40 Súboj pohlaví
20:30  Klubové tance
20:50 Vodné hry – preteky na nafukovačkách, súťaž o najkrajší skok do vody, …
21:15 Silvestrovksý kvíz
21:45 Klubové tance
22:10 Párty s DJ-om
22:20 Hľadáme Najlepší pár Silvestra 2022
23:15 EGO – vystúpenie hviezdy večera a privítanie Nového roku 2023
00:15 Párty smiech a zábava v bazénoch
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