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Up mountain Chopok in easter egg 2019

Take a journey up the Mt Chopok in a giant Eastern egg and enjoy unconventionally traditional Easter. 

Enjoy the unique opportunity to be transported in a giant EASTER EGG up the Mt Chopok to the height of 2004 m. Don´t hesitate to spend Easter skiing in the mountains. Your day beneath Mt Chopok will be enriched by a traditional folk programme.

The Easter egg runs on the cable cars

A1 Priehyba-Chopok and A2 Kosodrevina-Chopok


Crazy Easter whipping and water splashing at Mt Chopok

To keep our women and girls healthy and beautiful, proper Easter whipping and water splashing is a must. And these unique traditions will be presented by Mirko Kasprzyk coming from the Liptov region. There is no place to experience such Easter whipping! You can look forward to folklore melodies and traditions, great Easter delicacies in the ROTUNDA panoramic restaurant, 2004 m asl.

Event partners

The event „Up Mt Chopok in Easter Egg“ was carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

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