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Herbal Cup 2023

An international competition taking place in 12 countries around the world focused on relaxation-meditative sauna rituals and original peeling procedures. It combines the health benefits of sauna with perfect relaxation and evokes the return of man to nature.

Bešeňová will also be the host of the Slovak qualification in 2023, where the best Slovak sauna masters will present their art and fight for the title of “King of Herbal”

An international expert jury will evaluate the professionalism, processing and use of herbs, distribution of heat and aromas in the sauna area, presentation and composition of peelings as well as the overall performance of peeling procedures.

The winner gets a direct advance to the SHC World Championships. Come on October 14, 2023 to enjoy unique herbal rituals, professional peelings, scents of herbs and heaters from around the world, or cleansing whisk procedures and a rich accompanying program.

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