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Halloween, the Christening of a Little Skeleton!

Halloween ako krstiny malého kostlivca !
Halloween ako krstiny malého kostlivca !

Autumn at Tatralandia is unique again and brings an attractive story of the life of skeletons.

As of September, the Tatralandia water park will welcome its visitors with cheerful and resourceful Halloween decorations.

From 15.92017 to 23.12.2017, the water park will accompany its visitors to the world of non-traditional celebration and amazing story of the life of Conchita and Pedro. Their love story continues in a new original version.

Conchita and Pedro are two skeleton lovers who married last autumn and they´re in love until today. By wedding, two families were joined, the Maňanas and the Muertes, and within a year, a son was born to the couple – a little skeleton, whose arrival to the world should be celebrated.

After last year’s wedding, a christening ceremony of the little skeleton is coming this year. Tatralandia will celebrate along with them offering an amazing story of the life of the three lucky skeletons. Theme decorations were extended to other indoor pools, as the family of skeletons has also grown. Weird sisters will come to the christening and bring the baby gifts symbolizing his future life and fate.

Everyone visiting the Tatralandia water park in the autumn can enjoy the fiesta.

What is the christening look like in Muerte´s family? Are ghosts and witches able to dance at all? How do they actually entertain themselves and what does a celebration mean to them? These questions will be answered during Halloween Tatralandia.

Magnificent christening

The celebration of the little skeleton´s birth, which is being prepared by the weird sisters all autumn, will be held in a great style – full of sweet goodies, gifts and music. According to an old Mexican custom, each one of weird sisters will give him a gift to predict his destiny.

What´s the little skeleton´s future?  Will he be Mexican Santana, mariachi, a dancer or an athlete?

Extended decorations

The unusual experience of the extraordinary celebration is enhanced by widespread decorations and interactive decorative creatures. The whole area breathes with the genuine cheerful and scary atmosphere. There are unique ghosts lurking behind you, witches and cheerful skeletons. Everyone can take special and original photos with shaking skeletons and cheerful witches to remind the event.

The story of Conchita and Pedro

Skeletons Pedro Muerto and Conchita Annamaría Espozelita Juevo Mañana fell in love on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Last year they decided to seal their love in the middle of tropical paradise at Tatralandia and every visitor could witness the wedding.

It won´t be different this year. A year after the wedding, a small skeleton arrived to the world and his birthday should be celebrated by christening.

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