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This event is over.

Excursions around the Lúčky Spa

Do you want to learn more about the village of Lúčky and its spas? Every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. you can take the opportunity and participate in an excursion with a local guide in Lúča costume with Liptov songs.

Excursion stops:

  • Talking about spas (Choč hotel reception)
  • Church of the Ascension of St. Cross
  • National natural monument – Lúčanský waterfall
  • Visit to the Memorial House in the village of Lúčky
  • Birthplace of music composer Tadeáš Salva
  • Lúčanské travertine natural monument
  • Travertine plateau Skálie

Register at the reception of the Choč Spa Hotel. The tour lasts about 2 hours. The minimum number of participants is 5 people.

Price: adults €5, seniors, disabled, children €3

Where to stay nearby:

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