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Bandits at a sheep farm in Priehyba

A great programme in nature for the whole family in the Low Tatras

Locality: Biela púť, Priehyba, Rotunda

Enjoy a great family programme in Jasná on Saturday 22nd July. It is going to be a day full of fun and folklore traditions with popular Liptov bandits, who plan a whip cracking lecture, bandit wrestling, a triple bandit fight, hanging on a hook and a bandit photo point. 

The Urpín folklore ensemble is going to perform traditional folk dances and make a dance lesson for kids. All fans of folklore and traditions will love it. Urpín was established in Banská Bystrica, celebrates the 65th anniversary already, travels all around the world and we will be happy to see it in Jasná on 22nd July.

Talostan the Magician is going to introduce his amusing and magical show called “Rogue wizard” in the panoramic Rotunda restaurant at the altitude of 2,004 metres two times in the course of the day. Don’t miss the exciting show of the great magician.

And pay a visit to the Wallachian sheep at the sheep farm in Priehyba where this rare species can be seen all day long. It’s original sheep species that used to graze pastureland at high altitudes of over 1,400 metres, is easy to breed and is typical for spiral-shaped horns.

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