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The Liptov Cluster – Tourism Association, the Terchová Tourism Association and the Moravian-Silesian Tourism Cluster (KLACR) are implementing a project entitled “Learning Regions” within the Operational Program of Cross-Border Cooperation Slovak Republic – Czech Republic 2007-2013 together with the marketing campaign “Experiences without borders ’.

The “LEARNING REGIONS” project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the state budget and its own co-financing.

The total eligible expenses for the implementation of the Project activities amount to € 387,912.48, of which € 308,909.27 from the European Regional Development Fund. The Beneficiary will provide its own sources of financing for the Project in the amount of EUR 24,489.82. National co-financing from the state budget amounts to no more than EUR 40,759.10.

Information about the Learning Regions project

Project “LEARNING REGIONS” co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program for Cross-Border Cooperation Slovak Republic – Czech Republic 2007-2013. The main goal of the project is to strengthen the mutual exchange of information and cooperation through the use of best practices by key actors in the cross-border region in the field of tourism. The project will contribute to increasing education and gradually reducing the unemployment rate in the Czech-Slovak border.

Specific objectives of the project

Learning regions project activities

A series of workshops and training on the topics of tourism management support

Creating a portal

Public forum to ensure information and open a professional discussion on current issues of Tourism.

Creation of professional analyzes to increase the quality of cross-border tourism

The marketing campaign “Experiences without borders”

Billboard campaign, radio spots, advertising in print media, web marketing

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