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Žilina tourist region for seniors

Liptov, thanks to its natural beauty, thermal springs, an aqua park and entertainment, folklore and traditions, as well as history, culture and unique gastronomy, is one of the most beautiful and most sought-after regions in Slovakia. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Žilina self-governing region in the Liptov basin, and is surrounded by the highest mountains – the High Tatras in the east, the Western Tatras and Choč Mountains in the north, the Low Tatras in the south and the Great Fatra in the west. There are three Slovak national parks with the highest degree of protection in the region:

Tatra National Park, Low Tatras National Park and Great Fatra National Park. Also the longest Slovak river Váh flows through Liptov and fills important reservoir Liptovska Mara.

The uniqueness of Liptov is that in one day you will discover from the underground beauty of caves, through hot thermal springs to great skiing or hiking experiences in the mountains.

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