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Tourist route: Žiar – Žiarska dolina – Šarafiový waterfall and back


Area: Western Tatras

Destination of the route: Sharafian waterfall (1,480 m above sea level)

Difficulty: medium

Duration: 5 h

Starting point: Žiarská valley

Route: Smrečany – Žiar – Salaš Žiar – Žiarska valley – cottage Žiarska chata – Cemetery – Šarafiový waterfall and back.

Before entering the Žiarská valley, take a relaxing break at Salaš Žiar. In this traditional wooden restaurant with many accessories reminding old traditions of sheep breeding in the area, you will enjoy your stay with cosy home atmosphere, sitting by the fireplace and good cuisine.

You can go on a journey through Žiarská valley to cottage Žiarská chata (1325 m.n.m.). Žiarska cottage is the gateway to the tourist area Žiarská valley and Roháče in the Western Tatras. It is the only alpine cottage in the Western Tatras, located at the end of some of its valleys, accessible from the Liptov side. It is not only a place of rest and a base for the start of alpine tours but also a place that has helped save many lives. The cottage was completely renovated in 2006, and currently is in full operation and provides its visitors with complete accommodation and catering services. It is open non-stop.

The attractions of Žiarská valley include the symbolic cemetery of the victims of the mountain disasters of the Western Tatras, which was established in 1995 in the area of Krásnô under the peak Príslop. The place consists of a wooden gate, sculptures, a cross with a bell and a central boulder with the names of people who have not returned from the tour. Memorial plaques of individual tragedies are placed on the rocks around.

Behind the cemetery, about fifteen minutes from the cottage along the green marked trail in the direction of Jalovecké sedlo in Šarafiová creek, with a system of waterfalls, from which the lowest step is visible from the trail. There are several route options from Žiarská cottage. It is up to you whether you choose marked hiking trails leading from the Žiarska cottage to Plačlivô, Ostrý Roháč or other mountain peaks, or return to the valley.

A great experience to return to the bottom of Žiarská valley will be a ride on scooters, which you can rent, for a fee at Žiarská cottage. Through the valley flows The Smrečianka stream with its rich flora and fauna. In the surrounding meadows, you can see grazing sheep and cows, you can enjoy the view of the majestic peaks of the Baranec, Tri kopy, Baníkov, Príslop and other peaks.

The valley in winter provides ideal opportunities for cross-country skiing and ski touring, with important ski mountaineering competitions taking place here.

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