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Jasná Nízke Tatry in summer

The resort Jasná Nízke Tatry offers fresh clean air, relax and the opportunity to get plight several ways in the summer – it is a unique place with modern sports possibilities for everyone.


Jasná Nízke Tatry offers numerous trails for hiking and trekking different difficulty, from difficult, which requires a certain degree of preparation to those that are suitable for families with children or beginners.  Choose according to your physical condition and in case you don’t feel in the mountains like at home use the services of the mountain guides, thanks to whom your activities in the mountains become safe adventure. We are offering youone day easier hiking tracks or multi daysintermediate and difficult mountain tracks. 

If you are inspired by our offer and accept the invitation to the world of silence you can discover a wonderful gift which the nature gave to Demänovska valley and Low Tatras.  Popular hiking tracks to the highest located and the most famous peaks Ďumbier (2043 m) and Chopok (2024 m), that are unique thanks to their views of the Western and High Tatras peaks.

Rumours have been swirling about Demänovská dolina (Demänovská valley) that a big treasure is hidden there. Nevertheless, nobody dared get it because there is a dragon guarding it. What´s the truth?

There lives a chummy DRAGON DEMIÁN in Demänovská valley, who is a guardian of the forest protecting the treasure. Get ready to follow Demian´s footsteps. Don´t be afraid of anything. On your adventurous journey, you´ll get to know the secrets of the mountains and have much fun with your new friend – a legend of Demänovská valley.

 It´s a family game enjoyed by all members of the family, which will have a playful day in the countryside. If you wish to be a dragon explorer, just follow the map. The map shows the route simply indicating the places where ten tasks have been hidden. After the particular tasks the best dragon explorers will be given an indication to reveal the Demián´s password to the DRAGON´S PARK CHOPOK. You can pick up the map at the cash desk Záhradky, at the Infocentre Biela Púť orat the cash desk of the cableway Chopok Juh (South).  
If you resolve at least THREE MYSTERIES in the map, you´ll get a reward! You can pick up the reward at the INFOCENTRE Biela Púť or at the cash desk of the cableway CHOPOK JUH (SOUTH). Modern cableways are in operation daily as well as Bike World for less experienced, recreational cyclists, and for families with children. Enjoy the wonderful countryside and endless views. Bars and restaurants provide tourists with nice places to sit and take a rest.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIKE WORLD is a modern bike park situated in the heart of the Low Tatra Mountains. Thanks to its variety it offers trails of different difficulties. It makes use of the natural terrain and along with wooden obstacles and terrain adjustment it provides high quality mountain conditions and space for:

  • training and developing the skills of professional and less experienced riders
  • organizing downhill bike races
  • adrenaline riding and overcoming challenges
  • less experienced, recreational cyclists and for families with children
  • comfortable riding through the beautiful countryside, enjoying the views, and picnic
  • The easiest trails are possible to ride down by a scooter.
In the summer months of July and August BIKES (or scooters) are transported to the starting line by the 6-seat cable car Záhradky-Priehyba B2 and by the FUNITEL from Priehyba to the Mt Chopok. The bike is hooked onto the chair side and transported in the cabin. You do not need to hold the bike during the way and the lift operator is not necessary to assist you with hooking the bike onto the cable car.
All trails can be reached by the cable car Záhradky – Priehyba and by the Funitel Piehyba – Chopok. From the Mt Chopok you can choose the route that best suits your needs and according to the degree of difficulty.

1. Rocky Face DH – start: Rovná Hoľa, difficulty: difficult black downhill trail

2. Fun Track – start: Rovná Hoľa, difficulty: family easy blue trail

3. Dear Track – start: Priehyba, difficulty: medium difficulty freeride red trail

4. Summit Flatline – start: Chopok, difficulty: medium difficulty red trail

5. Bottom Flatline – start: Priehyba, difficulty: easy blue trail

6. South Track – southern trail – start: Kosodrevina, easy blue trail


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