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Living wellness is a current trend, that is why Liptov is also advancing in this offer. Lovers of water, sauna and massage will enjoy themselves regardless of the season and weather.

There are plenty of opportunities for bathing and wellness. In the word wellness, two terms have been combined: wellbeing, ie feeling good and pleasant and fitness, ie being fit. The essence is the rebirth of Greek art to compensate for work with quality rest, relaxation and active care for body beauty and health. The philosophy of wellness is a perfect harmony of body and soul, peace of mind, physical condition and a positive approach to life.


Výborné možnosť na kúpanie a wellness sú napríklad Bešeňovej. Tamojší wellness ponúka viacero sáun, procedúr a veľkým lákadlom sú napríklad saunové rituály. Ich súčasťou je aj peeling pokožky alebo muzikoterapia. Po voňavom peelingu dostane pokožka nový nádych a muzikoterapia uvoľní myseľ. Saunamasteri počas rituálov zvyšujú teplotu a vlhkosť v saune pomocou ľadu s rôznymi arómami a následne teplý vzduch víria po celej saune, tým je celé saunovanie intenzívnejšie. Len tu nájdete aj veľkokapacitnú saunu. Svoje čaro majú aj nočné saunové rituály.

An excellent option for swimming, bathing and wellness are, for example in Bešeňová. The local wellness and spa offer several saunas, procedures and sauna rituals are a great attraction. They also include skin peeling or music therapy. After the fragrant peeling, the skin gets a new touch and music therapy relaxes the mind. During rituals, sauna masters gradually increase the temperature and humidity in the sauna with the help of ice with various aromas, and subsequently warm air swirls throughout the sauna, which makes the whole sauna experience more intense. Only here you will find a large-capacity sauna. Night sauna rituals also have their charm.


Tatralandia is also a great place for wellness. The pleasant Celtic sauna world is located in the basement of the aquapark, but thanks to the lift, visitors can also get to the sauna with external views and to the open-air whirlpool, which is extremely attractive. The Celtic sauna world is a unique complex of steam, water and massage baths, saunas and treatments. It can activate all human senses and thus regenerate and relax the whole body. Only the sauna world brings pleasure from water, uplifting scents, music and warmth. And all this to strengthen health and beauty.


The sauna world in Lúčky also offers perfect relaxation and rebirth. Those interested will also find a salt cave here, which is also recommended for asthmatics, for example, and the stay in should last 45 minutes.


Wellness is available in most hotels in Liptov, just choose. Very attractive is also the wellness in Tri studničky hotel with cooling, after your sauna session in the Demänovka river. However, it is also worth visiting the thermal pool in Liptovský Ján with significant sulfur water and an outdoor tub.

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