How to do it?

Welcome to Liptov, region full of treasures, and become the hunter. Get to know its beauty, together, look for chests containing secret. We will take you to the treasure Liptova waiting just for you. The path to them is through high mountains, cold water and dark caves. However, luck smiles only the bravest and fittest ones will reach. So, do you go with us into it?



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How to do it?

Guided fun game “Search for treasures Liptova” is a brochure.
Choose from the map at least 3 treasures where you’ll find a chest with a secret content.
When searching chests will help GPS coordinates listed in the brochure at any treasure.
CAUTION! GPS determine the destination. Look for a chest. We do not play geocaching.

Access the chests may be subject to payment of an entry. Protecting chests.

What to do if you find a chest?

  1. Each chest hides the puzzle.
  2. If a puzzle to decipher response (symbol), draw into the corresponding fields on page 17.
  3. Page 17 correctly marked with three different answers (symbols) upload at locations (list on page 18) and the gift of your Liptova.
    Bonus: If you can find (3) treasures of Liptovsky Mikulas and note them in the designated boxes on page 17, you get a gift Omaľovanka only information center of Liptovsky Mikulas.
  4. Remember on page 18 to fill your personal information so that we can be included in the draw for great prizes for the whole family.


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