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Accept our invitation to Bešeňová and enjoy relaxation and fun in your favorite thermal water park.

Bešeňová is a place of pleasant rest, relaxation and a place where you can pump up positive energy. The brownish-red thermal water contains a large amount of mineral substances and has a beneficial effect on the locomotor and respiratory system, has beneficial cosmetic effects and has a positive effect on the psyche. Your eye will caress the majestic view of Malá Fatra and Chočské vrchy.

Water park Bešeňová is set in the natural scenery of lower Liptov and will delight every member of the family. Those born earlier will find relief from aching joints in pools with geothermal water. If you belong to the generation with small children, the hall with a large relaxation pool with water jets and other water attractions will provide you with relaxation. Let the children go crazy in the children’s pool where they will experience a little paradise on Earth.

Unforgettable relaxation can be felt at the Cosmopolitan pool bar. While enjoying the mixed drink, the healing thermal water has a beneficial effect on you. In addition, it has massage jets that will take care of different parts of your body. This connection offers you a truly extraordinary experience. Various water attractions such as underwater benches and sunbeds along the edges of the pools, a water mushroom or a water bowl will also serve for regeneration and recovery. Forget your worries and recharge your batteries in the Bešeňová Water Park Wellness & SPA center with a wide range of massages and services.

Thermal Pools

Relaxation pool

The warmest pool in the park. Thermal water with a high content of healing elements and massage jets relieve strained muscles of your body.

Water temperature: 36 – 40 °C
Water depth: 1.3 m
Open: year-round

Relaxation pool with Cosmopolitan water bar

While enjoying relaxation on water massage bubble beds, have a drink in the COSMOPOLITAN water bar.

Water temperature: 30 – 36 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: year-round

Recreation pool

Swim in thermal water of a recreation pool with two swim lanes to refresh yourself after a hot bath in relaxation pools.

Water temperature: 28 – 30 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: year-round

Relaxation pool with a goblet

A thermal relaxation pool with pearl bath that flows from underwater seats. Water falls from a goblet on your shoulders and massages the back of your neck.

Water temperature: 36 – 40 °C
Water depth: 0.90 m
Open: year-round

Summer Pools

Relaxation pool

Have a rest in a spoiling bubble bath, have your back relaxed by massage jets and let falling water relieve your strained neck and shoulder muscles.

Water temperature: 34 – 38 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: Summer season

Children´s pool

A stainless steel pool for children with a fountain and a mini water mushroom. Kids can play with inflatable water toys or swim with swim rings and water wings.

Water temperature: 30 – 34 °C
Water depth: 0.45 m
Open: Summer season

Swimming pool

A stainless steel 20-metre swimming pool with six swim lanes. Swimmers can test their skills here or refresh themselves on hot summer days.

Water temperature: 22 – 26 °C
Water depth: 1.6 m
Open: Summer season

Wild river 

A stainless steel pool for non-swimmers. Those who haven´t swum in a real river in summer yet can let themselves get carried away by a wild river stream.

Water temperature: 24 – 28 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: Summer season

Landing pool

If you use outdoor water slides in summer, this pool will be your safe landing area.

Water temperature: 24 – 28 °C
Water depth: 1.1 m
Open: Summer season

Year-round indoor pools

Recreation pool

An indoor pool with clear water, massage jets, pearl baths, water spouts and entrance to the Silver water slide.

Water temperature: 26-30°C
Water depth: 1.3 m
Open: year-round

Relaxation pool

An indoor relaxation pool with water spouts, underwater bubble seats and massage jets. There is also a bubble spring in the middle.

Water temperature: 36-38 °C
Water depth: 1 m
Open: year-round


This indoor pool with a fountain is popular mainly with the smallest children. They can play with various water toys and enjoy a water slide.

Water temperature: 30-34°C
Water depth: 0.2 m
Open: year-round

Silver water slide

Sed elementum nulla accumsan nisi consectetur, non dignissim mauris molestie. Maecenas ut ante enim. Pellentesque justo turpis.

Level of difficulty: medium difficult
Length of the slide: 42.6 m
Open: year-round

Water slides
  • 6 summer toboggans (from 15 m to 83 m with different difficulty)

Red Slider – Difficulty (light) -15.4 m
Yellow Water Slide – Difficulty (heavy) – 18.1 m
Blue Water Slide – Difficulty (medium) – 74.1 m
Yellow water slide – Difficulty (heavy) – 25 m
Red water slide – Difficulty (medium) – 54 m
Colored water slide – Difficulty (medium) – 83 m

  • 7 year-round toboggans (from 121 m to 212 m with different difficulty)           

Silver water slide – Level of difficulty: medium difficult – 42.6 m
Green water slide – Level of difficulty: difficult – 208 m
Yellow water slide – Level of difficulty: difficult –  149 m
Blue water slide 1 – Level of difficulty: easy –  206 m
Blue water slide 2 – Level of difficulty: easy – 206 m
Red water slideLevel of difficulty: difficult –  121 m 
Black water slide – Level of difficulty: medium – 212 m

Summer attractions


Get on an inflatable boat together with your friends and raft a river around a ship, under a wooden bridge or through a narrow cave without crashing. Who comes first to the finish?

Water temperature: 30-34°C
Water depth: 1.1 m


Our bubble can be climbed over or up, jumped on or slid down into a landing pool. It is soft and slithery as water falls from its top.

Water temperature: 35-38 °C
Water depth: 0.4 m – 1.02 m

Water volcano

One of the best summer children´s attractions at Bešeňová that spouts water. Kids can climb it and slide down or splash water with a water gun.

Water temperature: 35-38 °C
Water depth: 0.4 m
Opened: summer season

Children´s World and Animal Land

Summer news 2018! The new Children´s World with endless fun for children. Bouncy castles, trampolines, water slides, a sand pit and summer animations. The Animal Land is just few steps away, where domestic and exotic baby animals such as parrots, turtles, emu, goats, chickens and others are waiting for you.

Amusement tent
Children´s poolWater buckets, water slides, fire engines, a waterfall and other water attractions for children are prepared to guarantee maximum water fun for small park visitors.

Water temperature: 33 °C
Water depth: 0.3 m

Wave pool

Waves in a gradual sloping pool resemble the real sound of the sea. When in deeper water, sway on bigger waves. And the more courageous ones can try.

Water temperature: 28 – 30 °C
Water depth: 0 – 1.8 m

Water slidesThe biggest water slide tower with six water slides can be entered via the Amusement tent from the left. Enjoy a ride on the longest water slide in Slovakia or ride down one of colourful slides.

Day Sauna rituals
Special sauna experience. Professional and experienced ‘sauna masters’ guarantee unique moments. Let us surprise you!

We know how much you love relaxation so we have decided to offer our sauna rituals every day. This means anytime you come, you can enjoy special sauna experience like never before.

What are sauna rituals?

Unique sauna pleasure prepared by professional and experienced sauna masters. Swirling hot air and melting ice with aroma essence add a completely new dimension to moments spent in a sauna.

For whom are sauna rituals meant?

Are you not sure if sauna ceremonies are suitable for you? Try them. Every ritual is about 10 minutes long and after it, there is enough time for relaxation and refreshment, for example with a drink in your hand.

More informations and Sauna rituals – daily schedule

Sauna Night Rituals

Get ready for something special. Experienced ‘saunamasters’ prepare a unique atmosphere during sauna rituals at night.

Moments spent in a sauna are more intensive and more interesting thanks to a saunamaster who adds a new dimension to sauna pleasure by swirling the air, pouring water with aroma essence on stones and applying a peeling or other products on the skin. Try it once and you will fall for this new sauna hit.

Relax during sauna rituals and peelings and enjoy unique shows of our sauna masters.

Under cover of night

If you know sauna rituals and have experienced them during the day, we can guarantee the experience will be multiplied at night, especially thanks to the silence and peace in the whole area. The number of clients is limited so don´t hesitate and make a reservation.

Next dates of sauna nights

More informations and Dates of Saunas rituals

14 swimming pools, 28 water slides and tubes, Tropical paradise, restaurants, Wellness & Spa and more.

Tatralandia is an amusement and water park with accommodation facilities and at the same time an only resort to try surfing the wild waves of Surf Waves Tatralandia. It is located in the region of Liptov – an area offering a plenty of culture relics, original folk culture and music, and surrounded by the biggest Slovak mountains – The High and Low Tatras, The Great and Small Fatra, and The Choč Mountains. 

Discover this place full of adventure and fun with Tatralandia water park, which is a part of it, with year-round seaside paradise Tropical Paradise and accommodation complex Holiday Village Tatralandia.

You need more than a day to fully enjoy Tatralandia. It is a perfect destination for all age groups to spend summer and winter holiday.   

Both small ones and grown-ups will spend great summer time in 14 pools filled either with salt water or thermal or fresh water, and you will certainly not be bored riding 28 tubes and water slides, enjoying attractions, as well as a day long programme with an animation teams and summer events.

And if it is raining by chance, we will meet under a translucent roof of the year-round Tropical Paradise where the water temperature does not fall below 30 °C.

The fun in Tatralandia is not finishing with summer. You can sunbathe under the palm trees or have fun in 6 year-round water slides, relax in 10 pools, enjoy beneficial effects of thalassotherapy, regenerate your body in Celtic Sauna World and renew the lost power thanks to the massages, wraps and baths in Wellness Centre throughout the year.

And you, who desire to enjoy the real winter, just get on the ski bus, which will transport you comfortably to the coolest ski centre in Slovakia – Jasná resort.

Simply, fun, relax and adventure 365 days a year in one place. In Tatralandia.

Year round pools

Enjoy great fun in 10 year-round salt, thermal and clear water pools in Tatralandia.

White lagoon

The saltwater in the White Lagoon indoor pool has almost the same composition as water in the Adriatic Sea. The temperature reaches 34 – 36°C. The minerals crystallise on the skin and make it smooth. Swimming in saltwater activates the regeneration and revitalisation process in cells, increases the level of iron in the blood. In addition, saltwater is antiseptic. Enjoy genuine saltwater therapy (thalasso therapy).

Area: 128 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 15 x 8 m
Water capacity: 141 m3

Bubble pool

Bubble Pool is an indoor saltwater pool with water temperature of 34 – 36°C. Saltwater boosts detoxification of our organisms and the overall immunity. Special massage benches and massage beds with underwater jets and geysers offer a relaxing full-body massage. Thalsso therapy helps treat skin problems, rheumatism and sports injuries, improves the blood count and is great against cellulite.

Area: 146 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 15 x 11 m
Water capacity: 161 m3

Paradise pool

The warm (34 – 36 °C) clear water pool is ideal for flawless relaxation. Massage beds and water jets guarantee spoiling peace of body and mind, and offer views of a Spanish galleon replica – a ship that was often used by pirates. Cold drinks served at the Barbados pool bar fit to the exotic atmosphere perfectly.

Area: 149 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 20 x 8 m
Water capacity: 164 m3

Tropical pool

The clear water pool offers relaxation on massage chairs, benches and geysers which massage the back and legs. The pleasant water temperature (34 – 36 °C) is tailored for moments of piece so don´t hesitate and forget all your troubles in the shadow of a big pirate ship.

Area: 433,8 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 35,2 x 14,2 m
Water capacity: 432 m3

Thermal pool

The Thermal pool is an outdoor thermal pool divided in a sport section (36 ˚C) and a relaxation zone (40 ˚C). The thermal water has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal and breathing system. It rises as deep as over 2.5 km, where the temperature reaches 60.7 ˚C, and contains elements of the Paleogene Sea. Massage beds, chairs and a water spring emphasise the relaxation in the pool.

Area: 433,8 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 35,2 x 14,2 m
Water capacity: 432 m3

Niagara pool

The outdoor Niagara pool with water temperature of 30 °C is available all year round. Boost your health in swimming lanes and enjoy the beneficial effects of the thermal water on your musculoskeletal and breathing system.

Area: 399,6 m2
Depth: 110 cm
Size of pools: 33,3 x 12 m
Water capacity: 440 m3

Snorkeling pool

All age groups can enjoy great fun and adventures when exploring the underwater world in the snorkelling pool. And those who feel like doing more than just observing fish and corals will love various water games and treasure hunting. The clear water pool reaches temperatures of 34 – 36 °C.

Area: 42 m2
Depth: 120 cm
Size of pools: 9,3 x 6 m
Water capacity: 50 m3

Ocean pool

The indoor clear water pool with the temperature of 32 °C offers underwater massages, massage beds, water spouts, bubble makers, massage jets and a swimming zone with a counter current. A special underwater light system emphasises the relaxing atmosphere in the pool.

Area: 202 m2
Depth: 120 cm
Size of pools: 11 x 18,4 m
Water Capacity: 243 m3

Children´s pirates pool

The clear water kid´s pool in the indoor Caribbean zone has a comfortable temperature of 32 °C. Let your children frolic on a Jumbo castle, in a water moat with slides or with exotic animals and palm trees. Parents can watch their kids while relaxing on pool beds.

Area: 90,5 m2
Depth: 30 cm
Size of pools: 8 x 11,3 m
Water capacity: 27 m3

Tower pool

A year-round heated clear water pool. It serves as a landing pool of year-round water slides: Jungle Raft, Black & White, Rapido and Monkey Slide. Enjoy great adrenalin adventures on water slides.

Area: 65,32 m2
Depth: 30 cm
Size of pools: 9,2 x 7,1 m
Water capacity: 20 m3

Water slides

Have fun on 28 water slides of Tatralandia in summer. Everybody can choose what they prefer.

Year round water slides:

TORNÁDO – our friends will love the crazy 2-person rafts! Start on a 12-metre-high tower, speed up and try how it feels to fly in a water tornado. The slide looks like a funnel and contains a photo point  where you can have a picture of yourself taken →

RAPIDO – A 90 m long blue-violet tube slide, which certainly exceeds expectations of those the most demanding fanciers dedicated to crazy and speedy ride.

MONKEY SLIDE – Jump on a speeding water stream and enjoy absolute freedom with a beautiful play of colours on the 100-metre-long Monkey Slide.

JUNGLE RAFT – Experience the comfort of 2-person rafting tubes on the family Jungle Raft slide. A jungle of endless fun is waiting!

BLACK & WHITE – Black and white are always trendy, regardless the season of the year. Hop on a raft and enjoy a wild ride on the Black & White slide after a mild start.

WOOD SPLASH – 2 water slides for children in the pool with a Jumbo castle situated in indoor space of the Island of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Summer water slides


You ride the curves from the height of 17.16 m, as if it was from a 5-floor block of flats and in the end you´ll experience the feeling of free-fall in a so-called U section. You ride along a 2.8 m wide track in big safe rafts for 4 people. The giant rafts will be comfortably carried in a new lift in which the rafts will be transported back to the water slide.


4Family is a family slide that guarantees amusing but safe adventures for kids from 4 years. Giant 4-person rafts and colourful turns make each ride unforgettable. The rafts are transported back up by a special lift.


The one and only water slide in Slovakia that offers great fun for three people at once. Sitting opposite each other, you can enjoy not only the journey down the slide but also rotate your raft.

Boomerang Raft Ramp

Hop on a 2-person raft and enjoy proper adrenalin on a crazy rafting halfpipe. If you want, have a picture of your adventure taken →

Crazy River

Amusing adventures in inflatable tubes that slide along a “crazy river” with inclinations, turbulent currents and a mini lake in the middle. Make a chain with your friends and enjoy a true party in rafts.


The open water slide with 2- to 3-person rafts guarantees yellow-blue adventures with sharp turnings.

TRIPLE SPLASH – A super speed triple slide. Let´s grab the slide mats and be prepared for the real triple competition.

DOUBLE BUBBLE – Hop on 2-person rafts, go down along a wavy 2-lane slide and compete with your friends.

FREE FALL – Try one of the steepest water slides in Tatralandia and experience a true free-fall feeling!

DOUBLE FALL – Enjoy a double adrenalin shot on the Double Fall slide, which offers genuine free-fall experiences on two sections.

ANAKONDA – Jump in and feel the freedom on the endless Anakonda slide.

TWISTER – Turns, twists, zig-zag curves. Pluck up your courage and enjoy a refreshing adventure.

BLACK HOLE – ČIERNA DIERA – Experience something you have never dreamt of and let a water stream carry you through darkness back to light.

KAMIKADZE  – Four floors upward and then downward in 3 seconds – no return from up there, just enjoy the feeling of free fall speed.

NIAGARA – The 3-lane slide is a real challenge! Lie down head first on a mat and enjoy a great head-to-head race. Be faster than your friends!

BANANA FUN – The comfortable rafting slide offers a funny ride to every member of your family.

LITTLE NIAGARA – An original three lane water slide for children in the Pool with 21 attractions.

AMAZONIA – An original slide for kids in the interactive castle of the summer kid´s pool.

SKI, SUN & FIRE SLIDE – Slides for kids that end in the year-round Thermal pool and are adapted to kid´s needs.

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