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Educational trail ZNÁMA – NEZNÁMA

Educational trail ZNÁMA – NEZNÁMA (KNOWN – UNKNOWN) Čutkovská Valley

Enthusiasts from Černová district have created an educational trail ZNÁMA – NEZNÁMA Čutkovská dolina. The trail is 6.1 km long and has 10 boards, 6 bridges and 3 benches for sitting. The biggest attractions are up to 24 meters high waterfall and 64 meters long gorge.

Ten educational boards along the length of the valley reveal the secrets of the local fauna and flora. Three boards are located in a heavier accessible forest terrain, in the wild. They teach tourist about natural gems as magical waterfalls, gorges, and dense forests reminiscent of primeval forests. The highest point of the trail is the gorge at an altitude of 850 meters. The most challenging works were done here, in this part of the trail. Workers had to drill and cut the stairs into the solid rock and install a guard rail. The canyon of the gorge is 64 meters high and was created by the Čutkovský Potok River.

Free parking is available at the koliba Richtárka.


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