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Sauna under the stars

Get ready for something special. Experienced ‘saunamasters’ prepare a unique atmosphere during sauna rituals at night.

Another great sauna night is here! Experience the nightlife with a rich program in saunas, with all the saunas and whirlpools or indoor pools.

All the saunas and procedures are at the Harmony Wellness & Spa, the relaxation area and the indoor pools in the Átrium area will be available to the client.

Sauna ceremonies will take place in the Chopok sauna and Sauna Temple, peelings will be offered in the new SUNRISE Salt sauna.

You can enjoy:

  • 3 hours of night saunas (07:00PM-10:00PM)
  • 8 unique saunas, rituals, peels and procedures
  • exclusive saunamaster – guest 
  • welcome drink + refreshing refreshments
  • all saunas and treatments available all the night
  •  relaxation zone of Átrium
  • indoor swimming pools

Termíny Nocí saunových rituálov

8.1.2022Russian winter
29.1.2022Force of nature
12.2.2022Valentine’s Day
26.2.2022Comic book heroes
12.3.2022Peeling cup 2022
26.3.2022Czech-Slovak night
7.5.2022Ladies night
26-28.5.2022Aufguss 2022
11.6.2022Oldies party
25.6.2022White night
9.7.2022Summer party
30.7.2022Magic night
3.9.2021Farewell to the flight
17.9.2022Retro edition
8.10.2022Herbal cup 2022
29.10.2022Beer Fest
19.11.2022Scary night
10.12.2022Happy Christmas
31.12.2022PF 2022

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