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Festival ROZHYBKOSTI 2023

First, get to know the birthplace, that’s San Francisco!

Experience folklore differently than you have been used to. You don’t have to sit in the auditorium at the Rozhybkosti dance house festival in Východná. On the contrary! You can go on stage and learn Slovak dances, songs or crafts together with our lecturers.

What are dance houses?

The dance house aims to erase the boundaries between the stage and the audience and return dance and music folklore back to ordinary people as it was a natural part of the everyday life of our ancestors. It is a model of teaching folk dance and music that combines traditional forms of dance and music with modern pedagogical and academic methods. Participants of the dance house acquire knowledge from experienced teachers or carriers of traditions, with the help of teaching and at the same time by direct observation and imitation.

Who will teach you

The lecturers of the Rozybkosti festival are ethnologists, ethnochoreologists, teachers of folk dance and folklore, graduates of the VŠMU or the Department of Ethnology and Folklore of the FF UKF in Nitra and long-time folklorists – Katarína Babčáková, Linda Luptáková, Peter Vajda, Marek Sabol, Michal Noga, Jana Ambrózová, Dominik Jurčo, Lukáš Jurčo and others.

What you can learn

During the 4 days of the festival, you can participate in various workshops that take place from morning to evening. Dance workshops for beginners are prepared for complete laymen, and advanced dance workshops for more advanced folklorists. An important part of the festival are SINGING workshops for beginners and advanced, MUSIC workshops for already playing musicians and CRAFT workshops for all visitors.

Program for children

Take your KIDS too! While you learn, professional animators and lecturers will take care of the children. We are also preparing full-day programs for them this year. You will enjoy great courses and get really active, while the children will be taken care of by dance and physical activity instructors.

Another program

In addition to the workshops, there is also an additional program for visitors – morning grass cutting, healthy breathing lessons with Tina Penxová, first aid course, costume exchange and cinema archive. After a full day of learning, visitors can also look forward to an evening exhibition by lecturers, a concert, a dance party and a bonfire. The fun usually lasts until dawn.

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