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Tourism is about details. The current categorization of accommodation facilities will help the client to orient himself in the tangle of offers, but nevertheless, the same categorized hotels will never be perceived by the clients as well. That is why there are efforts to measure the quality of services provided otherwise. A few years ago, in the REGION LIPTOV Regional Tourism Organization, they said they would help customers choose the top tourism facilities while setting a mirror for service providers. We managed to create the project Quality Award – Liptovská hviezda. In the first year, no one received the highest rating and the situation is improving year after year. At the beginning only the facilities of the facility were evaluated and restaurants and other gastronomic facilities were added.

A specialized company will try out services in the form of “Mysteryshopping”. The inspector will stay often, often with his family and children, to make his stay credible. Nearly everything gets under scrutiny and the controllers are very focused on the human approach. Tourism is about emotions, feelings, and these will significantly affect the people who provide the services. So it’s always repetitive – a smile, eye contact, interest in the client plays a vital role. Quality Award The Liptov Star is an imaginary “Oscar” for hoteliers and other tourism service providers. Thus, the stars can shine on the operations. However, stars don’t get traffic forever. The Liptov stars are valid for two years and then it is necessary to carry out the check again. Fortunately, the traffic is aware of the importance of quality services, and once again, the stars are recruited.

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