Holiday with animals


There are many attractions in Liptov for the nature and outdoor activities lovers. And if you are a dog´s soul and like to travel with your four-legged friend, Liptov region is the perfect place to experience great holiday together.

Pet-friendly region = Liptov region

Liptov region is known for its beautiful nature, which offers many opportunities for walks and trips. You will find here extensive forests, lakes, rivers and mountains that provide an excellent environment for dog adventures. You can go for a walk along Liptovská Mara water reservoir, where the dog can enjoy a pleasant refreshment. Many hiking trails in the area offer great opportunities to discover the beauties of Liptov region together with your dog.

If you are a fan of mountain tours, Liptov mountains are an ideal place for adventures with your dog. You can go on simple hikes along marked trails or choose more challenging routes for more experienced hikers. Your holiday in Liptov region can be a real adventure for you and your dog.

Holiday in Liptov with your dog is a great opportunity for you and your dog to enjoy nature, activities and relaxation. However, do not forget to follow the rules and ethical behaviour towards nature and other visitors. Take enough water for your dog with you, dog´s collar and the lead, and always keep your dog on a lead where needed. Also, make sure your dog has all the necessary vaccinations and treatments against external parasites to protect him/her from the possible risks in the nature.

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If you visit a national park, it is necessary to have a dog on the lead or follow the Visitor´s Rules.

Hotels and guest houses in Liptov region are also dog-friendly and they will be happy to welcome you together with your dog.

Some of the hotels and guest houses have the policy that allows accommodation with a dog. However, each accommodation facility may have its own rules and restrictions relating to the animals. Therefore, before you book accommodation, it is always important to contact the specific hotel or the guest house to verify that they accept pets.

When communicating with the accommodation facilities, it is good to find out the following information:

  1. Animal policy: Try to find out if the hotel or the guesthouse allows accommodation with a dog. Some places may accept only small dogs, while the others will allow larger breeds. There may also be restrictions on the number of animals in the room.
  2. Fees and deposits: Find out about any dog accommodation fees. Some facilities may require a deposit or special insurance to cover possible damage caused by the animal.
  3. The rules and restrictions: Ask about rules referring to your stay with your dog. A lead on a dog´s collar in common areas may be required, or you may be required to ensure that your dog does not disturb other guests.
  4. Dog´s facilities: Find out if the hotel or the guest house provides any special facilities for the dog, such as paddocks, dog beds, or bowls for water and food. Some accommodation facilities may also have restrictions on dogs’ access to certain areas, such as the restaurants or swimming pools.

It is also worth remembering that some places may require of the guests to follow specific hygiene rules for animals, such as the obligation to collect dog excrements.

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Pet friendly places and attractions

You do not know where to go to eat with your pet, or which attraction accepts the entry of the dog? Here you will find a list of accommodation facilities that you can enjoy with your dog.

To make it easier to find accommodation with your four-legged pet, we have prepared the list of pet-friendly accommodation facilities.

If you decide to stay with the dog, please be a responsible and considerate owner of the animal. Follow the rules and make sure that your dog does not create inconvenience to other guests or staff at the accommodation property.

AccommodationWhat animals are acceptedConditionsFacilities for the petsFees
Apartmány Hrabovo, Apartmány Barbora 19, Alžbeta 16, Renata 1only small animals (dog, cat, rabbit, bird in the cage)animals have to be domesticated, i tis necessary to book them in advance5 €/night
Apartmánový dom Fatraparkno restrictions25 €/night
deposit 50 €
Apartmány Anička Liptovonly small animalscompatibility with other guests and animals5 €/night
Apartmány Demänovkano restrictions15 €/night
Apartmány Majkaasmall and medium size breedscompatibility with other guests and animals
Do not leave animals alone in the accommodation or outside in the yard
Fenced yard 5 €/night
Marina Liptovdogon a leash, entry to the restaurant is also allowed30 €/night
Hotel Flóra, Bešeňováonly small animals (dog, cat, hamster)necessary to book them in advancesmaller 10 €/night
bigger 15 €/night
Penzión Bleskonly small animalsnecessary to book them in advance15 €/night
Demänová Rezortonly small animals (dog, cat, hamster) till 20 kgSpecial package Comfortable stay with a dog. You pay the sum for a dog, cat or other pet with 50% discountIn the resort there are ecological dog toilets, a sufficient amount of green places, possibility of free run for the dog in the nearby meadows15 €/night
Hotel SOREA Ďumbierno restrictionspets are not allowed to enter the restaurant premises, they must be on a lead and have a muzzle10 €/night
Hotel FIS Jasnáno restrictionswell – behaved pet that does not disturb the comfort of other guests with its behavioursmaller 30 €/night;
bigger 60 €/night
Gothal Liptovská Osadano restrictionsthe deposit covers any damage caused by the petspecial waste containers with a container for the dog´s litter bags are installed on the premises10 €/night
deposit 100 €
Hilson Resort Jasnádogs till 20 kgaccommodation in the suite only15 €/night
Hotel Áčkodogpresentation of vaccination ID card12 €/night
Hotel Jánošíkdog10 €/night
Kemping Bystrinano restrictions5 €/night
Hotel Hrabovono restrictions10 €/night
Wellness Hotel Chopokdog40 €/night
Hotel Koliba Grétano restrictionsa cloth for wiping dogs on request, dog bowls in the room18 €/night
18 €/stay guinea pig, rabbit, cat
Hotel Liptovský dvorno restrictionsfollow the rules you receive when booking your staybowls in the reserved areas.  In the lobby bar we have 1 large dog´s bed, on request we can also provide a bed in the wooden house for an extra fee15 €/night
Liptovský mlynno restrictionsspecified rooms with the stone floor only7 €/night
Hotel SOREA Májno restrictions10 €/night
Maladinovodogs till 10 kg, possibly according to agreementfollow the rules you receive when booking your staya bowl, towel and rug20 €/night
deposit 50 €
MaraCampingno restrictions5 €/night
Montana Bobroveconly small animals (dog, cat)do not leave animals alone in the accommodation7-10€/night
Penzión Motýľonly small animals (birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles)own bed, cages, must not disturb other guestswater bowls, fenced garden, unless the guests are accommodated there in the ground floor apartment, as it is a part of the garden10-18 €/night
Penzión Harmóniadogs and small and medium size breedsdo not leave animals alone in the accommodation; own bed15 €/stajy
Penzión Máriano restrictionsfenced garden and areas only for accommodated guests, safety and freedom15 €/night
Pension & chata Panorama Familysmall and medium size breeds8-15 €/night
Hotel SOREA SNPno restrictions20 €/night
Sojka resortno restrictions10 €/night
Hotel Strachanovkano restrictionspets are not allowed to the hotel restaurant 
bowls for water eventually granules
20 €/night
Hotel Tri Studničkyonly small animals (no rodents)Rules for the stay with the pets 2022 (.pdf)35 €/night
Via Maradog5 €/night
Apartmánový dom Vila Vista only small animals (dog, cat)clean raised apartment dogs, the dog is not allowed to the bed and on the coucha water bowl and a small treat10 €/dog
Vila Bobríkdog5 €/night
Vila Michalno restrictions 
bowls for water and food, cloth for wiping paws; the yard is fenced
20 €/stay

What not to forget when going on holiday with your dog?

When you go on vacation with your dog, there are a few important things you should not forget:

  1. Passport and vaccination ID cards: Make sure your dog has a valid passport and all the necessary vaccinations that are required in the country you are traveling to. If you are traveling internationally, additional documents may be required.
  2. Food and water: Remember to take enough food and water for your dog during the holiday. It can be difficult to find the same brand of food if your dog has specific food requirements.
  3. Walking equipment: Take all necessary walking equipment with you, such as a lead, dog´s collar, harness and litter collection bags. You’ll also need your dog’s favourite toys to keep him interested and have fun.
  4. Bed and blanket: Take a comfortable bed or blanket with you for your dog so that he or she has his own place to rest and sleep.
  5. Medications and veterinary supplies: If your dog is taking any medications or has special veterinary needs, make sure you have enough medication for the entire holiday. It can also be helpful to have a phone number from your local vet in case of any health issues occur.
  6. Identification information: You should always have your contact details and your dog’s identification information with you. This can include a microchip, a ring with the name and phone number, or any other way to recognize your dog identity easily.
  7. Fun and exercise: Don’t forget to ensure enough fun and exercise for your dog. You can bring his favourite toys, win the time for walks and check if there are suitable places at the destination for training and run around.

It is also important to look for the information about local rules and regulations regarding the dogs, as well as suitable places for walks and outdoor activities with your dog.

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