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Genial Penkala

Meet Eduard S. Penkala, a native of Mikuláš. This world-renowned inventor brought to the world a mechanical pencil and an improved patent for an ink pen, which can still be seen in stores. In addition, you can take home an original patent on reason.

We look forward to seeing you every Friday from July 9 to August 27, 2021 at 6:00 pm in front of the Janko Kráľ Museum in Liptovský Mikuláš. An interactive tour with the participation of the genius himself awaits you, culminating in a brilliant quiz. You will thus become the bearers of a true patent on reason.

The event is suitable for families with children. For epidemiological reasons, capacity is limited.

Who was Eduard Penkala?

Eduard Penkala – a versatile personality, author of more than eighty revolutionary inventions. The designer of the first mechanical pencil, rotating toothbrush and even the first Croatian aircraft was born in Liptovský Mikuláš during the construction of the Košice-Bohumín Railway.

Waiting for you:

  • Exterior exhibition about the life of the famous inventor on 1 May Street.
  • An interactive tour of Eudard Penkal’s life in the Janko Kráľ Museum, together with an entertaining knowledge quiz in a newly renovated exhibition, where we will show you a functional model of a train passing through the historic St. Nicholas railway station. One smartphone for the team will be enough for a fun quiz.
  • For successfully solving the quiz, you will receive an original patent for reason signed by the “real” Eduard Penkal
  • An anti-stress coloring book for young and old is waiting for you at the treasure of the city museum.

New summer!

Play a brilliant interactive game during your individual museum tour! All you need is a smartphone and a taste for the game.

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