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Floorball SK LIGA v Tatralandii

Come and encourage elementary school students for the biggest floorball competition in Liptov Arena. After a two-year metal break, the competition returns magnificently and with a number of surprises.

The SK LIGA floorball floorball tournament in Tatralandia is a follow-up to the interrupted year two years ago, when we did not finish the year just before the gates of the final tournament. However, we have promised exceptional experiences to the students involved, so now that the measures have finally been relaxed, we can deliver on our promises.

The floorball tournament in Tatralandia is divided into two days, the first day is played by boys, the second day is intended for the girls’ category. However, both categories come the day before, the TV JOJ Foundation pays for their accommodation, complete meals and entrances to Tatralandia. Thus, in addition to sports matches, students will also experience exceptional experiences.

On both days we have a special team of Special Olympics, mentally handicapped players who are integrated into the standard tournament. Pupils from the Joint School in Bytča are the winners of the Slovak Special Floorball Olympics and will play against “healthy children”. We want to break down prejudices and barriers, connect with sports and subscribe to the inclusion of students with autism, Down syndrome or other mental disabilities.

In addition, TV JOJ also took a significant part in the tournament. Both days we have an autograph session of actors from the series Hranica, who will be with our players both days, they will also go with them to the water pack. We also expect the arrival of Mr. Kandráč with his family, Mrs. Barkolová and Mrs. Pálfa-Belányi, who have decided to support the tournament. The organization of the tournament and the registration of statistics is with the support of the Rufus application – www.rufus.app. This activity is implemented from the funds of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic. The event was supported by the City of Liptovský Mikuláš.

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