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Liptov News – reports and interviews from Liptov region

Liptov News videos from the region below the Tatras are an excellent source of information, tips for trips and a view of the world of the region very close. These are videos that are both narrative and spoken or attractive thanks to the video, which makes it easier to get to know the region. It is said that experiencing them is better than seeing and hearing a hundred times. When words aren’t enough, there’s a video invitation to the region.

Inspiration Liptov News

LIPTOV NEWS can inspire much better than regular lyrics and photos. The view of the local water parks Tatralandia, Bešeňová and AQUA & VITAL Park is much more authentic through the video than in the form of photos. Interviews with well-known personalities, attraction enthusiasts, enthusiastic tourists, convey videos via LIPTOV NEWS. Skiing in Jasna or Malina Brdo, a visit to the Slovak Museum of Nature Conservation and Caverns and local caves is just a fraction of what you can see. LIPTOV NEWS is an immediate touch with the region and life in it. They also bring footage from events where it pulsed to preserve the atmosphere, emotions and life in the region. Just watch and if someone is interested in more facts about the region Liptov, so we recommend to visit the section PRESS RELEASES, where we regularly inform about news and attractions in standard press releases, which we send to a wide media database.

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Liptov News: Liptovský Ján odhaľuje svoje tajomstvá

Dátum: 05. 09. 2019   Miesto: Liptov

Liptov News: Drevené kráľovstvo na Liptove

Dátum: 06. 09. 2019   Miesto: Liptovský Ján

LiptovNews: Prvú via ferratu na Liptove otvorí atraktívny program v rezorte Gothal

Dátum: 13 09. 2019   Miesto: Liptovská Osada

Liptov News: Peťa Vlhová je drevená

Dátum: 17 09. 2019   Miesto: Liptovský Ján

Liptov News: Rozprávkové enduro na Liptove

Dátum: 14. 08. 2019 Miesto: Liptov


Dátum: 14. 08. 2019 Miesto: Liptov

Liptov News: Marián Labuda ml. na Liptove

Dátum: 13. 08. 2019 Miesto: ZOO Kontakt, Tatralandia, Liptovský Mikuláš

Liptov News: Kvačianska dolina

Dátum: 05. 08. 2019 Miesto: Liptov

ZA 7 HORAMi – festival, kde ožili rozprávky

Dátum: 05. 08. 2019 Miesto: Liptov

Liptov News: Bešeňová spojila vodu a módu

Dátum: 18. 06. 2019 Miesto: Bešeňová

Liptoviedky – rodinná hra plná spoznávania Liptova

Dátum: 11. 06. 2019 Miesto: Liptov

LiptovNews: V Bešeňovej to poňali hokejovo

Dátum: 10. 06. 2019   Miesto: Liptovský Ján