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Thanks to the Jasná Nízke Tatry resort, Liptov is a `Mecca` of Slovak skiing. Liptov ski resorts offer a wide range of opportunities for skiers of all abilities and skills.

Jasná Nízke Tatry

Jasná Nízke Tatry is a top mountain ski resort in Slovakia. Skiing here is possible on both sides of Chopok – from the southern, Horehronie side as well as the northern Liptov side. The north side is larger in terms of the number and length of slopes.  At the top, at 2,004 m above sea level, skiers will enjoy the attractive Rotunda, where, in addition to the opportunity to relax, there is also an attractive restaurant, the highest rum bar and especially the highest hotel Rotunda. Staying here is literally a special experience that you definitely need to indulge in sometimes. From the north side, skiers will take cable car Funitel to the top – one of the most modern cable cars, which can also withstand very strong winds. Chopok is the windiest place in Slovakia. Skiers have at their disposal more than 50 km of slopes of all difficulties, where very good skiers, intermediate and complete beginners will all find something to their liking here. The ski nursery has also a closed arena for beginners, where skiing lessons are playful and completely safe, even with the use of a sliding, carpet-like belt lift. The resort also offers excellent terrains for free rides and ski tourers have, for safety reasons, dedicated zones at the edge of slopes. Thanks to the artificial snow, there is a guarantee of skiing for up to five months a year. Free ski buses run daily to the resort.

Malinô Brdo

Malinô Brdo is a popular family resort a few tens of kilometres from the centre of Ruzomberok. It offers wide and safe slopes. Skiing with children is excellent and affordable. In addition, the resort also offers advantageous discounts via the Liptov Region Card for daily and multi-day ski passes. The region also offers smaller ski resorts.

Opalisko Ski Center

The Opalisko is an attractive, small resort near Liptovský Mikuláš in the village of Závažná Poruba. Although It is a small resort, it offers a chairlift and quality snowmaking system. The resort is especially popular with families with children. Advantageous skiing is also possible here thanks to discounts through the Liptov Region Card.

Demänová SKI Center

Demänová SKI Center, as a part of Demänová Rezort, offers its visitors safe skiing for beginners and advanced skiers on the easy and medium slopes. Well-groomed track also offers night skiing for all ages. For greater safety, a closed ski area with instructors has been built for children.

In Demänová SKI Center you can enjoy unusual running on special inflatable wheels SNOWTUBING and have fun all day. It is driven in a modified snow trough 50m long with steeper starting and gradual roll-off on the opposite slope. Snowtubing fun is suitable for children and adults. Ski centre also offers a cross-country track with a length of 550m. The circuit is permanently illuminated, artificially snowed and daily treated with special ratrak.

There are extensive FREE car parks for trouble-free parking and three gastronomic operations of different styles.

FUN Park Žiarce

In addition, the region also offers skiing in the Žiarce resort in Pavčina Lehota, in the Žiarska dolina resort in the Dolinky resort and other resorts.

Važec – Birutova ski resort

The Važec – Birutova ski resort is located in the village of Važec in the Low Tatras. The distance from the resort to Poprad is 26 km and from Liptovský Mikuláš 33 km.

The resort is skied exclusively on natural snow. Visitors have at their disposal a ski lift with a length of 412 m and an elevation of 65 m, which provides access to two slopes – one medium (red) and one easy (blue). For beginners, there is a cable lift in the lower part of the resort with a length of 80 m and an easy slope.

In case of favourable snow conditions, the resort adjusts cross-country trails in the length of 5 km. From the slopes in Važec, there is a panoramic view of the High Tatras, especially to the top of Kriváň.

Čertovica (Čertova svadba) ski resort

The Čertovica ski resort (Čertova svadba) is located on the northern slopes of Čertova svadba hill (1463 m.n.m.) in the Low Tatras. Access to the resort is from the Čertovica saddle, where the road I / 72 leads, which connects the regions of Liptov and Horehronie. The ski resort offers four ski lifts serving mostly medium to difficult downhill runs and attractive off-piste terrains. There is also a short ski lift for beginners with a 100-meter children’s bow. Four downhill runs are technically snowed, on Strmá and Jarná you can ski on natural snow.

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