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Order the traditional folk costumes from Lipton region. Without doubt, Slovakia is a country with a huge variety of different examples of folk costumes and traditions. Mrs Šimček makes the folk costumes tailored according to clients preference. You can choose from the following options:

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About Emilia Šimčeková

Emília Šimčeková: “I was introduced to sewing by my mother, who was a tailor of folk costumes. During her work, I was often observing and assisting her. I liked it a lot at that time and that was the reason why I decided to study and become a professional tailor who specialized in the folk costumes making craft. What I truly appreciate about this job is that I’m keeping the traditions alive and also I’m passing my knowledge on to next generation. Each of my products is unique and special, made with love. My work is well-known in Slovakia, Czech republic, and also in Canada. I love being creative and that is also a reason why my products bring happiness and joy to you not only by touching but also by dressing and wearing them always with you. ?.”


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